Thirty + Thriving + Single


If you would have asked 17-year-old me what my life would be like at 30 years old, I would have most likely given you an answer that was nowhere near what my life is currently like.

Primarily – I would have told you that I’d be married by now. And guess what? Nowhere near that aisle walk.

In complete and total honesty… I struggle with that. I struggle with being the single friend amongst my married friends. I struggle with RSVPing to events for 1. I struggle with going to bed every night alone. I struggle with forgetting to put the trash cans out every Monday night and just wishing I had a husband to do it for me.

A couple of years ago I heard a sermon on singleness that really hit home for me. You see – this society we live in tells us that marriage is the ultimate goal for us. And…maybe it is. But…what about this season that you are in right now? What about this season of singleness?

“Singleness may be the most important time of your life & the problem is most of us negate that season trying to get to a preferred future that we don’t know about.”- Michael Todd

Boom. Mic Drop.

This season that I’m walking through has brought me to SO many places that I may have never gotten to experience if I was married or in a relationship. My son, friendships, trips, new adventures, career growth, and most importantly getting to know & love myself.

I firmly believe that if you do not know yourself fully and love who you are as a single unit, there is no way you can love someone else in a relationship or marriage. Why? How? Think about it: if you do not know who YOU are, then you will spend your life trying to find someone who you think want. Spoiler alert: that will get you nowhere. Statistics show that 50% of marriages end in divorce. 50%. You have to figure out how to be single before you can be married.

You have to know yourself to love yourself. How do you get to know yourself? You spend time with YOU. You get comfortable being by yourself. Take yourself to dinner. Watch a movie by yourself. Learn that YOU by yourself are enough, that you do not require someone else to make you complete or worthy. 

If you’re walking through a singleness season in your life, pause & rejoice in it. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. I’m not saying you’re not going to struggle with it. Because it won’t be and you will. BUT… There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the season that you are in right now.


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