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The Stitching Post IncThe Stitching Post is a fun, family business that will get you in the sewing mood!

What attracted me to The Stitching Post initially was not only the owner’s wonderful attitude but the classes they offered for kids, specifically their 3 days Sew Camp that they put on every summer.  THEN, I learned that if you purchase a sewing machine from them, they give you FREE lessons!  Seriously!?!  Yes, free lessons.  Not just one lesson but access to all the classes they have!  That was super exciting for me because my daughter and I have a lot to learn.  (And yes, I did take the kid’s Sew Camp with her.)  Not only did we learn to make cute pillowcases and skirts but we can call them anytime we have questions and even go to their stores for personal instruction or attend a variety of classes.

These ladies were learning how to make quilts at the North Store.
These ladies were learning how to make quilts at the North Store.

Now, honestly, I expected to go to Sew Camp, have fun learning how to sew with my daughter and that was it, but what I found at The Stitching Post was much more.  This Oklahoma grown, family owned business welcomes each of their customers in such a way that they too feel like part of the family.  We felt right at home and completely comfortable.  They didn’t talk over our heads but taught us from where we were, which was at the most basic level.  At any point in time, we could ask anyone a question and they were excited to help and encouraging in our sewing adventures.  And believe me, we had some adventures…the skirt alone took us two days to finish.  It might have been done sooner, but we had to use the “Frog Stitch” sooooo many times.  Why is it called a “Frog Stitch?”  Because you have to “Rip it! Rip it!”  Robin Fendrych, the owner, has a great sense of humor.  We laughed a lot as we undid our mistakes and excitedly realized that we did it right!

Sew Camp Fun!
Sew Camp Fun!

Personal Attention

During our Sew Camp, we witnessed so many customers coming in or calling and each time, full attention was given to their questions until it was resolved.  It’s nice to be cared for as a customer and at The Stitching Post, you will be taken care of.

One day, I saw some beautiful free hand drawings and came to learn that Robin had a few girls interested in designing clothes, so she started a class

They let you try out any machine so that you can play & decide which one suits you best!
They let you try out any machine so that you can play & decide which one suits you best!

just for their specific interest.  She really accommodates her customers and helps them achieve their sewing goals, which keeps customers coming back.  One lady that stopped by was from the Oklahoma panhandle!  Really?  To me that says a lot about a business.  If your customers love you enough to stop by from way out of town, The Stitching Post must be doing things right.

Fun Classes!

Check their calendar for some fun upcoming classes & register so you don’t miss the fun:

And yes, many of these are perfect for beginners, so bring your son or daughter who has an interest in learning to sew!

Project Linus

One of the ways they give back to the community is by putting on events to make blankets for Project Linus,  whose mission is to provide homemade blankets for children in need.  The Stitching Post has several different dates available so you can come help make a blanket that will provide security to a little one in need.  All levels are encouraged to participate, so feel free to bring your child who want to learn to sew.  This is the perfect way to make memories with your child and make a difference in the life of another at the same time!

The Stitching Post is also a drop site for Project Linus, so if you can’t make it to one of their classes, you can still drop off a blanket to help a child.


They have 3 locations so they are easy to get them from any part of the city.

The Stitching Post – North               West                               South

2630 W Britton Rd                            5928 NW 16th             316 N. Broadway

The Village, OK  73120                      OKC, OK  73127          Moore, OK  73160

(405)495-4699                                  (405)794-0026           (405)254-3066

Be sure to stop by their booth at the Affair of the Heart too.

This family business can do it all! They can help with anything you need:

  • Sewing machine for all levels
  • Embroidery machines
  • Sergers
  • Trading ins
  • Repairs
  • Improve your skills

I love that they let you “play” on their newest machines.  It’s amazing what these machines can do.  Robin calls them – “Toys for Big Girls!”

*Disclaimer – Oklahoma City Moms Blog was compensated for this blog post.  However, all opinions are 100% our own and we stand behind the businesses we endorse.*

Stop on by and see what kind of sewing fun you get inspired to do!


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  1. Kristi
    I absolutely love this and have VERY fond memories of sitting in my grandmother’s sewing room with her. I didn’t buy a “dance” dress until my Junior year in High School. My grandmother made all my dresses for dances, homecomings, military balls, etc. She made all my summer dresses and al my summer outfits. I love going into a fabric store and getting to “design” a complete outfit and picking the material. I will have to stop in at the stitching post for sure. Thanks for doing this with your daughter, what a great memory.

    • Thanks, Patty! My grandmother was an amazing seamstress as well. She would make the most beautiful lace dresses and send them to me. Now, my children use them as dress up dresses. The memories of her that flood to mind when they spin around in her dresses are wonderful. I’m so glad you have such wonderful memories of your grandmother as well!


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