The Secrets to Loving Your Home as a Mom (And Why It Matters)


Hi, my name is hot mess mom. I almost never do crafts with my kids, I hate cooking, and the crumbs in my car could feed half of a continent. My kids make messes every 14 seconds (this is scientifically proven), but I love my home. And you can and should, too.

As a mom, your life is more hectic than ever. But you shouldn’t wait for your kids to go to college to have an amazing home–in fact, this is the most important time to have a home you love! A home that takes away from your stress and gives you space to make memories with your kids. Not a home where you’re stressed and miserable.

3 Reasons You Should Love Your Home

1. Stress. As hard as you try, you can’t love a home that is difficult to live in. It’s like a pair of pants. There are so many BEAUTIFUL homes (and pants!), but if they don’t FIT you, you can’t wear them. When you’ve made your home fit your family (NOT your dream family that actually puts their shoes on the shoe rack when they come in, but your real, very imperfect family), it will naturally reduce your stress. 

2. Motivation. When you love your home, it’s easy to maintain it. When you know where things go and it’s not stressful to think about putting things away, you will find yourself doing it without having to give yourself a pep talk. If you live in a home that feels crappy even when it’s clean and organized… well, why would you spend time cleaning and organizing? 

3. Freedom. When someone says, “Hey, can I stop by in an hour?”, your primary feeling shouldn’t be panic. And since I lived in that shameful spot for years, I can confidently tell you that it’s also a breeding ground for resentment. Instead of being happy to see that person, you might start thinking things like, “Why couldn’t they give me more of a notice?!” You should not have to live in a space that you’re ashamed to show.

4 Lies About Your Home You Probably Believe

1. I’m not a designer, so I can’t make my space beautiful.

You don’t have to be a designer to create a beautiful home. In fact, those “designed” homes that you see are really just staged. And if you’ve ever staged a house, you know it’s actually obnoxious to live in it (you have to hide your toothbrushes for Heaven’s sake!). Nope, loving your home doesn’t have much to do with your design skills.

2. You can’t have a nice home with kids.

Well, you can’t have a staged home with kids. But if you set up and organize your home for function, you can absolutely have a home that is beautiful and easy to maintain with kids.

3. Only moms who have it all together can keep their home clean all the time

You know those people who naturally have an aura of tidiness? As soon as a mess is made – bam – they’re almost done cleaning it.

I’m not that. I like to lovingly refer to myself as a “natural slob.” And if you are also a natural slob but you’re holding yourself to the standard of those tidy unicorns, then reality will be disappointing.

BUT if you have a home that actually fits your crazy, messy, disgusting family (and self?) it will be easy and naturally motivating to keep it beautiful. 

4. It costs thousands of dollars to make a home beautiful

Sure, making your home beautiful can cost thousands of dollars – if you want it to. But you can also make it beautiful on a tiny little budget. There are so many resources and tips about how to improve your home on tiny budgets – here are mine.

The Real Secrets to Loving Your Home

Most people would think the secret to loving your home is some kind of design trick. But if you want to love your home, love everything inside of it.

Everything down to your vases, your picture frames, your furniture, and your wall colors. Get rid of everything else. “If you don’t love it or use it, it’s clutter.” 

This includes things that other people use, but your family doesn’t – like shoe racks and even hangers. To really love your home, make it functional. It doesn’t matter that you think coats should be hung in the entryway closet. If they never actually are, then you’re making things more difficult than they need to be.

Don’t wait for your home to be perfect and expensively renovated to transform it into a place you love. Allow it to be beautifully imperfect, just like you. 


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