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We have partnered with Oklahoma Shirt Company to bring you a fun gift idea!

I was seven years old in 1991 and my mother entered us into the Mother Daughter Look-a-like Contest at Penn Square Mall. My grandmother helped make us matching jumper dresses that were a sage green color with a tiny flower print all over them. We then wore white turtlenecks underneath the jumpers, white bobby socks with oxford loafers, and topped it off with GIANT matching bows. I loved looking just like my mother. Although we didn’t win the contest, I’ll never forget that day that I spent with her and the time we spent with my grandmother making those outfits.

Fast-forward 25 years and while the fashions may have changed, my love for my mother has not. Now a mother myself, I am constantly finding new ways of appreciating all the things my mother did and how she made my childhood memorable. She hand-made Halloween costumes for us and helped us re-imagine how to assemble things we had around the house to become the most impressive accessories. She took time to teach us hard lessons about making good choices and the importance of hard work and time spent. She read me countless books in the most animated voices and then saved those books for me to pass on to my children (I’ve tried to recreate her voices as I read them to my own children and can only hope I’m giving them close to the same experience as she gave me.)

Most importantly, she taught me of the all-consuming, overwhelming, relentless love of a mother. Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I won the contest when it comes to having the best mother!

Give the Gift of Oklahoma Love

One of my favorite parts about being on the Oklahoma Shirt Company team is how we are able to unite people over their love for Oklahoma. We’ve created a community of subscribers that shares a love for our state and it’s people. I love hearing stories about subscribers that have given a subscription to their moms (and dads) and who, like clockwork, get a phone call each month saying how much they enjoy their monthly delivery.

So if you’re wondering what to get your mama who has given you so much, give her the gift of a Shirt of the Month subscription. It’s a great reminder of you each month and you can even add on a shirt for yourself here and there. You know, just in case another Mother Daughter Look-a-like Contest comes to town.

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