The Importance of Games and Why It’s A Priority for Us


Do you have a kiddo that loves all things games?

Our 5-year-old is all about the games, be it board games, card games, video games, you name it. He likes to live his life to the fullest, in that sense. In other ways, not so much.

Here are a few games our son plays, to give you an idea.

Every Saturday, he gets to play a Pokémon video game. He loves it so much, he insists on wearing his Pokémon t-shirt every time he plays it. 

He plays board games, such as Carcassone, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Jurassic Snack, Pandemic, and Dragonrealm. Keep in mind that he’s just 5, so several of these games are just a learning experience for him.

We’ll play card games together like Go Fish and Memory, but also unique ones like Herbaceous (a new favorite of mine). 

You might call it providence, but my husband likes to play games, too and fosters a love for it in our children. Here’s why I encourage that.

I believe it improves kids’ (and adults’) problem-solving and reading skills. I believe it helps them practice math in a FUN way. It’s a good exercise for the brain. 

I believe it cultivates relationships and cooperation with one another. If you have a kid that struggles with competitiveness, maybe playing more games can help with that. There are even cooperative games out there that take the competition factor out of it. I will offer you a glimmer of hope by saying that I’ve seen my son’s competitive meltdowns really improve from consistently playing games with us (and my husband being really patient with him).

In addition to cultivating relationships, it really helps children form a bond with their loved ones. I’ve seen my son and my husband grow inseparable over this shared hobby. I’ve seen my husband continue to meet with his childhood friends to play games and connect with one another. I’ve seen my husband, his dad, and brothers regularly play games together. The bond aspect is undeniable. 

What are some reasons you encourage a love of games in your family? 


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