The Good Parts of Parenting (That No One Talks About)


Being a parent is hard. There is no step-by-step guide to being a perfect parent, everything is always a mess, and we’re tired. SO TIRED.

Everyone has a different point of view on parenting, and it’s both liberating and terrifying to realize that you can raise your kids however you want. You don’t have to listen to anyone’s advice if you don’t want to!

So when we hear other moms complaining about their three-year-old acting demonic, well, it’s comforting to know we aren’t alone.

But amidst all of the funny parenting memes, it’s easy to miss all the positive things about being a parent that we can all relate to.

Yes, being a parent is hard, but it’s also a gift–even when it doesn’t feel like it.

25 Good Parts of Being a Parent

  • The words your kids mispronounce: In my house, “noodles” are called “doodles,” and our female parts are called “pajimas.” 
  • Their pure excitement and joy over “small” things (Like stickers–someone tell me why it’s not “socially acceptable” to giggle and squeal when I see a full aisle of stickers?!)
  • Watching their unique personality grow: Every single kid is unique and different in their own way, and it’s so fun to watch your kid make their own individual place in the world.
  • Their prayers: And I quote, “thank you making me and for the toilet.”

  • The purity of their questions about the world
  • When they make new friends
  • Their sibling bond

  • When they voluntarily tell you “I love you”
  • Guessing what they’re going to be when they grow up 

  • When they start acting like you: My 18-month old made me realize that I said “also” and “seriously” waaayyyy too much
  • The cuteness of their clothes 
Crossbody purse, backpack, headband, and winter glove in mid-July in Oklahoma
  • When they like the same things as you: My daughter asks to go to the At Home store every weekend, and she can name Michael Scott and Dwight Shrute–obviously my parenting priorities are where they need to be
  • When they pick you flowers or dandelions and give them to you

  • Their hand-drawn pictures
  • Holidays: Our parents never told us that giving Christmas, Easter, and every holiday to our kids is even more fun than receiving it

  • Their forgiveness: When I lose my temper and apologize to my kids, they always forgive me completely. I wish it were so easy for adults.
  • When they act like they been deeply traumatized by the same rule that has literally always been there (it’s okay to laugh at that)
  • Their silly faces

  • Listening to them play make-believe with their toys: Just watch that for 2 minutes and TRY TO STOP THE OXYTOCIN
  • How much they don’t care what you look like: I could stop showering and my kids would still jump and sit on me every 20 minutes
  • Their ability to trust people and always see the good in others
An immediate bond between my daughter and my best friend’s grandmother
  • Their faces that light up when they see after you’ve been gone (it could be ten minutes or two weeks)
  • The way they look when they’re sleeping

  • The way they can turn anything into a toy: Last week, my kid slept with a broken piece of our fence and took it to show-and-tell
  • Their plain ol’ weirdness: Sure, it’s possible to get through a day with young kids and not smile or laugh… but it’s unlikely. Those little buggers are just plain hilarious.

Parenting isn’t easy, but it can be so much fun. What are some of your favorite things about being a parent?


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