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This post is sponsored by Laff Lab. However, all opinions expressed are my own!

Sing, dance, repeat. Sing, dance, repeat. That is what it is like at our home with a vibrant two year old! I swear the loudest toys always have the longest shelf life. For example, how is the Frozen microphone that only plays ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Summer’ over and over and over again still alive after being dropped, thrown, and played approximately a hundred times a day?!

Needless to say, we are big music fans here and our repertoire does expand past Olaf and Elsa (we are also big Styx fans on the record player). So we were thrilled when Laff Lab OKC invited us to attend one of their classes recently!

I grew up being immersed in music almost my entire life. But I haven’t the first clue on how to teach a child notes, how to identify keys on a keyboard, or how to make learning music fun and engaging.

But Mrs. Hoover did! From the minute we entered the room, she was so kind and her energy for what she does poured out of her. We started off the class by singing everyone’s names one by one. It helped us become familiar with our new friends and get the kids acclimated to interacting. It was also great because it was a simple tune in which a child could easily pick up on. 

My daughter was hesitant at first, but quickly warmed up as she saw me interacting and everyone having fun. Mrs. Hoover explained to me that many kids are reserved their first class, but as they keep coming, they participate more and more and will be singing the songs long after they leave. 

hesitant little girl

Oh, I should also mention that parents fully participate as well. It definitely helped the kids engage and I loved being able to participate in something new with her!

Throughout the class, we sang multiple songs in which Mrs. Hoover would either play on the keyboard, or use an instrument to help create a tune and the child would repeat after her. She explained how the lowest notes are like ‘big’ bear and the ‘high’ notes are little bear. She would say big and little throughout the class and have the child associate that with singing or playing high or low. It was such a neat way to explain it to a child in a way they fully understood!

moving magnets on whiteboard

One thing I loved most about her class was that we were always moving. We would be in the middle of the floor playing with scarves or sticks, and then we would totally switch gears and head to the keyboards. She recognizes that a child’s attention span is very short, and by constantly switching gears, she kept them engaged before they had a chance to get distracted or bored.

While at the keyboards, each child got to play on their own as she sang a song too. She taught them through a silly game how to play and stop. She also helped them learn the difference between white keys and black keys and would sing fun songs to get them familiar with each.

child playing the keyboard

And this was just the first class! My daughter was so engaged by the end, and she loved playing on the keyboards most of all. I couldn’t believe how much information she was able to cover in a single class, all while keeping the attention of several kids! She definitely knew exactly what to say to get their attention or to explain a concept in a way they understood. 

The benefits of music at such a young age are endless! I truly believe that getting your child exposed to the arts early will foster a love that they can carry for a lifetime!

I highly recommend enrolling in Laff Lab and seeing first hand your child’s love of music blossom! You can learn more information through their website here!

Has your child ever participated in a music class before!?

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