The Best Way to Pack a Super Special School Lunch (Free Printable!)


We’ve all been there. It’s 8 o’clock on a school day and you need to get the kids out the door, but you’ve just realized that you forgot to pack lunches. You scramble, you improvise and you manage to throw it all together. At the very moment that you get your kid(s) off to school, you realize that you forgot to put one of those sweet notes that you’ve made it a point to do every day into their lunches. Palm. To. Face. 

I’ve certainly been a victim of this and I know myself well enough to know that this has always been an issue. I’m all in at the beginning of the school year, making sure the lunches are perfect, there are napkins in each one, a sweet note (maybe including a drawing), and everything is done the night before.

Then reality sets in.

The reality of having two kids in school and a baby hits me like a ton of bricks. Activities, paperwork, actual work, and life seem to come crashing down all at once. So, that mom I mentioned with ALL of the good intentions has to figure out what’s going to give in order to not stress everyone in the house out. 

Usually, it’s those cutesy little notes that my kids love to find in their lunches that are the first to take a hike. Don’t tell my kids this, but I can find writing these out to be quite annoying and tedious. Especially after setting the standard so high in the first couple of weeks. Why I never thought of just making a bunch of cute printables before, I will never know. But here we are in pre-k and 2nd grade and I think I may have finally figured out a clever #momhack that we all need in our lives! 

Use this printable I have made to make those lunch box notes a breeze. Print multiple copies, cut them out, sign your name if you’re feeling fancy, and prop your feet up because it’s just been handled.

Gone are the days of scrambling for catchy sayings, paper to write on, and quite frankly the stamina to keep those handwritten notes up all year long. I hope this saves you time and some of your sanity for this busy back to school season! 


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