Teaching Through Technology


TechAll moms would likely agree that they want their kids to be smart and full of knowledge. If they learned with ease, it would be icing on the cake.  We all have vivid memories of singing the ABC’s, counting our 123’s, pointing out colors and learning how to spell names. What if we could teach our children along side the use of technology, since it is so prevalent in today’s society?

In a chaotic atmosphere such as a grocery store, a restaurant where the food is delayed or some similar scenario, who usually is the one holding the smartphone? The child is. The majority of moms have been guilty of using our smartphones or tablets as a way to distract our children to provide us with a moment of peace in settings where our attention has to be divided.

What if we start using our access to technology as a teaching tool instead of a distraction? There are so many sites and apps that can help us teach our children the basic fundamentals of literacy, math, science and social studies. Before you judge, I am not saying this should be used as a 24/7 type of teaching method but as a tool to help reinforce what is already being taught by yourself or teachers from other various methods.

I started using technology as a tool for teaching when my son was young. I would strategically place learning apps on my phone that at a young age he would accidentally tap on but as he got older knew which ones he enjoyed more.

The following sites are some of my favorites for teaching with technology:

1. Starfall – website & app for smartphone/tablet

Why I like it:  This website  I contribute to what really helped my son fully learn his letters and sounds before he turned two. Kids can click through the alphabet letters and pictures will appear naming the sound and name of each letter. This site also offers beginning reader books as well as beginning basic math skills.

2. AbcYa – website & app for smartphone/tablet

Why I like it: I REALLY love this site because it is age specific as well as subject specific. Each subject is categorized and offers several fun interactive games for kids.  My son loves sight word bingo (I secretly love it as well!)

3. Go Noodle – website

Why I like it: Go Noodle is sponsored by Mercy Hospital. It’s primary focus is to give children “brain breaks”. My son was introduced to this though his LuLu {aka grandma} and loves it! They offer kids zumba, yoga and dance videos. It is really cute to watch your child try to stick to a beat. He gets his rhythm from his daddy.

Other sites that I love that are more geared to the subjects of Science and Social Studies are PBS Kids, National Geographic for kids, Disney Jr. and Nick Jr. Most all of these educational sites are also offered as an app for a smartphone/tablet.

Lastly, my all time favorite use of a technology tool is to use it as a book! We love to download kids books to my sons tablet and read them on the road, around the house when we are bored or at bedtime!

Technology, if used correctly can be a real big benefit for kids! Along side you as a parent, it is a great resource to aid you in teaching your child all the basic fundamentals they need to know in all subject areas.

What are some unique teaching tools you use to help teach your children? What are some of your favorite Apps or websites? Please share!


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