T-Shirts for Teachers {Order Yours!}


We were blown away and completely in awe by the sheer enthusiasm that was felt during our last t-shirt sale to support a local teacher! Between nominations and the joy we saw when we delivered the supplies to our winner, we knew we had to do this again.

So we’ve partnered up with the fabulous Oklahoma Shirt Company with a simple, yet springy design for you to purchase! The shirt will be $15, with $5 of the purchase price going to support one local teacher! The time is more critical now, than ever before.

Giving Back

We wish we could make more of a difference by supplying our educators with a much needed bonus and more benefits. However, we will do what we can – one teacher at a time. When we did this last fall, it was so rewarding to take a list of school supplies that one teacher needed and surprise her with them! The kids were so excited, it felt a little like Christmas! By supporting this initiative, you are helping our educators and blessing others.

To see our previous winner, Courtney Bacon of Overholser Elementary, check out our Facebook post


T-shirts will be available for a limited time! Starting today until the end of March, you’ll have time to order.

To get started, simply head on over to Oklahoma Shirt Company‘s page and fill in all the details. We THANK YOU for supporting our educators in Oklahoma City! Once we close t-shirt sales, we will open up nominations!


  1. Thank you so much for doing this! As a teacher, every little bit helps and this is a breath of fresh air a mist all of the current hostility.


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