The Best Ice Cream and Sno Cones in OKC


Summer in Oklahoma can be brutal. What better way to make 110 degree heat bearable than ICE CREAM!  I consider my family to be aficionados on frozen treats. From ice cream to snow cones and even Italian ice; we love them all!  Here are a few of our faves to beat the heat (in no particular order):

1. Braum’s

No decent Oklahoman would create an ice cream list without a nod to Braum’s.  We have family that lives on the east coast and every time they come and visit we go to Braum’s. Every day.  Sometimes twice a day. It’s just that good.  My favorite treat is the cherry limeade freeze, but you can get lost in the wide array of flavors and options.  

Photo Credit- Bruam’s Ice Cream and Dairy Stores

Pro Tip – Small fro yo cones are $1 all day every day!  

2. Kaiser’s Grateful Bean Cafe’

If you are looking for a Norman Rockwell-esque ice cream parlor, check out Kaiser’s. The original owner opened up an ice cream shop in 1909 with only fifty cents in his pocket. Kaiser’s has been in its current location since 1919. They have everything from burgers to double chocolate ice cream sodas.  My favorite – root beer floats!

Pro Tip – This is a great place for date night!

3. Tino’s Italian Eats and Treats

Tino’s is a gem of a restaurant in Norman. My family actually first visited Tino’s because we heard about the amazing Philly Cheesesteaks, which were…amazing! After our meal, the owner asked if we would like to sample their Italian ice.  Ummm, YES! So, for those of you who are not familiar with Italian ice, it is a fruit based, fat-free treat similar to sorbet.  This yumminess is a great lactose-free option. They have a variety of flavors like cherry, dreamsicle, lemon, and my personal favorite, mango. Ya’ll, it is completely worth the drive down I-35 to partake in this bit of heaven.


Pro Tip–  Add a scoop of ice cream to your Italian ice to take it to the next level.

4. Andy’s 

Andy’s is fairly new to the ice cream game in Oklahoma, but boy did they come to win! They have catchy names like The James Brownie Funky Jackhammer, made with peanut butter and brownies and filled with hot fudge. Or, the Boot Daddy Concrete with Oreo®, creme caramel and hot fudge. Not only is their ice cream delish, you can watch it being made through their large windows.  

Pro Tip – Sign up for the Yum Squad rewards program.  As soon as you sign up, you get a free cone! You also receive points each time you make a purchase and the points can be redeemed for more treats! 

5. Roxy’s Ice Cream Social

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Roxy’s is a fun, local shop with several locations throughout the metro. Their menu includes cookies and cream, salted caramel, vegan German chocolate, and my favorite, the Donatello – pecan ice cream, hot fudge, caramel sauce and candied pecans.  

Pro Tip – Each location has their own seasonal flavors, so check them all out! 

6. Shimmers 

It is a happy day in our home when Shimmers opens in the spring. Their snow cones are full of flavor and include gummy bears on top! Some of our favorite flavors include rainbow, summer breeze, and melon mamma. For those of us who frequent Shimmers, they offer a refillable cups and punch cards!

Pro Tip – You can order Party Packs at Shimmers which are perfect for pool parties and family gatherings. 

7. Baked Bear

A few months ago I sent this picture to my husband and he texted back, “we’re going tonight!”  We did and we were were blown away at the options. At Baked Bear you can mix and match your ice cream sandwich with cookies, brownies or doughnuts (yes, doughnuts!). Next, you select your ice cream and topping.  Then comes the best part- your creation can be placed in a press and warmed to a gooey perfection!  

Pro Tip – Buy a box of cookies for the drive home.  You won’t regret it! 

There are so many options for sweet frozen treats this summer.  Share your favorites in the comments and don’t forget a picture!  


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