How Supper Club 76 is Changing Dinner Time

This is a sponsored post for Supper Club 76. We have partnered with them to let you know about their business and how it can save your sanity at dinner time! However, all opinions are 100% our own.

What is a mom’s most valuable resource?  For me, it’s TIME.  There simply aren’t enough hours in the day!  What are the tasks that suck up the majority of my time?  All things FOOD.  The process of planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, serving (including convincing kids to eat it!), and then cleaning up after the meal is downright exhausting for me.  Yet, they must eat every day.  *Sigh*

The box was smaller than I thought!

Enter a local lifesaving service: Supper Club 76. Supper Club 76 is a family owned company that provides monthly meal kits designed for slow cookers.  The kits include prepped ingredients, slow cooker liners, instructions, and a shopping list for anything else you might need for your meal.  Their mission is to minimize the time you spend planning and preparing your meals so that you can do things that matter most.  

I was excited to try Supper Club 76 to see how it impacted my daily schedule.  My meal kits arrived in this cute little box that I could store in my freezer for use throughout the month.  The meals I got were freshly prepared and used virtually no processed ingredients. The packaging of the food was sealed so there were no leaks and the slow cooker liners made cleanup much easier to use my crock pot.  

Meal kits include prepped ingredients, slow cooker liners, and instructions.

I ordered four meals with the meat add-on so I had everything I needed.  The first thing I saw was the baked potato soup and I can’t tell you how happy it made me because I did not have to chop any potatoes!  

It really doesn’t get any easier than this.  I just put the contents of the bag in the crock pot, and thirty minutes before serving I mixed in the (included) cream cheese.  The only thing I wished is that this meal came with bacon.  Luckily, since I always have bacon on hand, I just threw some in.  I topped it with some cheese (again, always on hand) and enjoyed the epitome of comfort food with almost zero effort and leftovers for days.

The final product of the baked potato soup after I added my bacon and cheese.

My favorite meal was the Kung Pao Chicken.  Although it had a little extra prep in the beginning with browning the chicken, I still felt it was pretty easy. I combined the cornstarch breading and the chicken in one of the bags they were already in, so I didn’t need a separate container for that.  The taste was fantastic and the sauce thickened up perfectly.  It felt like I was at a restaurant (and I’m not just saying that)!  The leftovers also reheated really nicely.

Kung Pao Chicken from beginning to end.

The flavors of all the meals I tried were really good and the texture of the meat was perfect: very tender.  I was really impressed by the flavors and how spot on the combinations of spices and sauces were.  These tasted better than if I had tried to make these same recipes myself (like the chicken and dumplings–amazing).  I could tell these were tried and true recipes – Supper Club 76 really knows what they are doing! Knowing I had these meals arranged in advance definitely saved me time and mental energy since I did not have to plan and coordinate everything from beginning to end.  

Final Thoughts

You might wonder why a service like this is worth your money.  I used to think it was silly to pay for someone else to prepare meals that I could easily do myself.  And why should I pay for these types of meals instead of opting for fast food or another option?  Here are a few answers I came up with as I thought about my experience giving the Supper Club 76 meal kits a try:

  • You are paying for your time.  You’re not just getting a meal, you’re getting more time. If your schedule is overloaded, it is worth it to take this off your plate. Spend that time with your family or crossing other high priority things off your list.
  • These meal kits are healthier and more economical than fast food.  The meals contain few, if any, processed ingredients and yields family sized portions that leave plenty for leftovers.
  • The advantage over home prep: fewer dishes and mess.  You’re eliminating the time it takes to wash cutting boards, knives, colanders, and even the crock pot itself!

If you are interested in giving Supper Club 76’s meal kits a try, they are debuting a monthly meal kit subscription very soon which will be shipped directly to you.  Current meal kits are available for home delivery or or pickup at multiple locations around the OKC metro.  Find out more on their website or on their Facebook page, and then let us know what you think!

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