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Summer brings up memories galore of playing at the park.  I could spend hours recounting my memories from one of my favorite parks in Yukon, but don’t worry, I won’t.

If you don’t live in Yukon, you are probably wondering what the big deal is or why you should even consider trekking out to Yukon.  Well, here are some simple reasons:

1.  Yukon is really not that far from “The City.”

2.  We have some awesome stuff going on in Yukon, especially in our Parks.

3.  This park needs to be on your park bucket list!

My absolute favorite park in Yukon is actually 3 parks connected together by a series of trails and bridges.  Growing up, I thought this was just one ginormous park, which I called the community center park or the park across the street from Shedeck Elementary.  However, upon further investigation, they are truly 3 separate parks:  The Chisholm Trail Park with the Boot Walking Trail, The Freedom Trail Playground and The Yukon City Park. 

These parks have everything and can provide all sorts of enjoyment for the senses and imagination pleasure!

Here’s a short visual tour:

The Chisholm Trail Park with the Boot Walking Trail

Chisholm Trail Park

This is a wide open space filled with two gazebos, picnic areas, a fantastic hill for running up and rolling down, fountains and water areas to play around and during the summer lots of flowers.  This also happens to be where “The Boot Trail” is located.  It is appropriately named because the walking trail is in the design of a cowboy boot.  What else would you expect from a park named after Jesse Chisholm? During the summer months, this wide open space is home to:

Festival of the Child – always the first week in May.  Yes, we missed it this year, but seriously, mark it on your calendar for next year.  It is a whole day of fun activities your kids won’t want to miss!
FREE Concerts in the Park every Thursday at 7pm from June 12 – Aug 14.
FREE Movies in the Park on that start at dusk.  This years line up includes:

  • Beethoven – June 12
  • Lego Movie – June 19
  • Frozen – July 17
  • The Vow – August 7th

Freedom Fest – This two-day Independence Day Celebration is a must go to event.  They have a firework show both nights with live music & free ice cream and/or watermelon!  On the 4th, the events start during the day & run into the night.  The fun filled day includes:

  • Car show
  • Children’s Parade
  • FREE Cherry Bomb Triathlon for ages 8-13 years old
  • Family Fun Area & Crafts
  • BMX Stunt Show
  • Hot Dog Eating Contest
  • Live Music
  • OKC Philharmonic builds up your patriotic spirit & enthusiasm right before an impressively long firework show.
  • Fireworks on July 3rd & 4th at 10pm

The Freedom Trail Playground

From the Chisholm Trail Park follow the trails southwest.  As you pass the biggest gazebo, you will see a pond in the distance that is perfect for fishing!  (They stock the pond with bass & perch.)  Follow the trail over the bridge to get to the other side. (I’m sorry!  I couldn’t resist.)

A great place to fish and interact with nature!
A great place to fish and interact with nature!

Just a little past the pond, you will see  a basketball court to the west along with a trick style basketball court and to the southwest, you will see two playgrounds.  One is smaller and is fenced in – can I get an AMEN to whoever decided to put a fence around children while they play!?!  Being the mother of a 3 year old escape artist, I rejoice anytime I see a fenced in play area.  This particular play area is wonderful because it is also handicap accessible!


Fenced in Play Area
This smaller play area is fenced in with one entrance and is handicap accessible.

Just across the way is a much bigger play area that has swings, musical pipes, a mansion sized play structure, lots of slides, a pioneer wagon and a sand pit with fake fossils for your little paleontologist or the child that just loves dirt!

Freedom Trail Playground
This will keep your kids occupied for hours!

Just in case you haven’t gotten your fill of the park yet, cross east over a second bridge by the pond to discover a whole other section of the park.  The southeast side has a horseshoe throwing area, softball & football fields, a volleyball court, a community swimming pool, tennis courts, baseball fields, a community center with ping pong tables, weights and an indoor basketball court.  And nestled right between the tennis courts and the baseball fields is another smaller park.  The play structure is easier for smaller children to play on.  It also boasts a play structure that I have never seen at any other park – a stage coach that is perfect for playing cowboys and bank robbers.

Stage Coach Park

Just east of this small park is the official entrance to the M.E. Copeline Nature Trail or as my daughter refers to it “The Jungle of the Baby Dragon.”  Bring your imagination and your adventurous spirit.  You can play it safe and stay on the trail or you can venture onto one of many dense jungle paths to see what awaits.  It is a fun place for pirate adventures and hide and seek.  From one end of the trail to the other is a little over 800 meters, so if you wait to journey down this path until the end of your park visit, it will do wonders to get your children ready for an early bed time or a good nap!


Nature Trail

  This is a park to put on your bucket list this summer.  

Come on out for your own adventure!

Adventure awaits

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