Stop Texting My Husband


Stop Texting

There is no doubt that marriage can be hard, but throw in a kid or two, or four, and there are times your marriage can be hanging by a thread. The last thing we need is another woman texting our husbands, especially during the sometimes hectic evenings or rare quiet moments you have alone. But it happens. And it happens a lot more than I realized. At some point a girl just has to put her mean jeans on, lay down the law, and say “Stop texting my husband”.

Women want respect. Respect from men in the work force, from their children and respect from other women. Lord knows we’ve been hollering for it long enough, and if women want respect the least they should be doing is respecting themselves let alone other women. I know some of these women know exactly what they are doing but some are just so focused on climbing the corporate ladder that they don’t realize how they look to others or what they are doing to families. Families come in many different dimensions, but any family can be damaged by the actions of another; not to mention the stress and insecurity it can cause even if you completely trust one another.

Here is a little disclaimer, this is not about my family. My husband and I have had some tough years, but we have always had boundaries that we set for ourselves and luckily he has worked with some really great women…and avoided some not so great women.

But, I have a friend that does hear that text alert and is completely baffled why a highly educated, happily married woman would be texting her husband in the wee hours of the night. When I mentioned it to another friend, anonymously of course, she said it had happened to her, too. So it happens, and I just don’t understand it. Ladies, set some boundaries for yourselves and for your husbands. Put on your mean jeans and call it like it is even if “nothing” is happening. Let’s let other women know where we stand when it comes to the value of our marriage and family. Let’s pull together and tell a friend when she is stepping over the line. Don’t stop there either, tell a guy when he is too. Our families and our marriages are too important. So important that we are willing to step up and say, “Stop texting my husband”.


  1. I am so glad to read this. For a long time, our recently divorced next door neighbor kept asking my husband for help with various things. After a while, I told him that he needed to set some boundaries. Then I discovered that she was texting and emailing him. She sent him nice messages asking him how he was doing, telling him about restaurants where she ate, etc. She also sent messages saying some very bad things about me that weren’t true, such as I was putting hate letters in her mailbox, cursing her, & harassing her. I never did any of these things. She has threatened to call the police & get an order of protection against me. She also installed security cameras on her house to catch me putting hate letters in her mailbox. One camera points toward our house. My husband says to ignore her, but this deeply disturbs me. He talks to her when he sees her & says that I should be friendly to her, but I won’t even speak to her. I’m sure he’s not having an affair, but his attitude is just too casual as far as I’m concerned.


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