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JByrdFitnessAre you looking for ways to look and feel healthier but are afraid to step inside a gym? Do you find it hard to prioritize the time to make it to an exercise class with your roles at your career or as a mommy or wife?  Maybe the books on diets and calorie counting baffle you and Dr. Oz and John Tesh are giving you conflicting information and you don’t know where to start! J Byrd Fitness has a solution to all of these problems. Julie Byrd is a licensed personal trainer who will meet you in the privacy of your own home (or at your local gym or her studio if you prefer) to evaluate your goals and work with you on an exercise plan that is right for you. She is dedicated to give you the one-on-one attention you want to achieve your health goals, no gym membership required!

I can’t balance on this BOSU ball very well but there is no embarrassment if I fall off it in my own home!

I met with her recently and she was very friendly and knowledgeable. She offers nutrition advice along with ways to get in shape and feel more toned. Before deciding upon your exercise plan, she interviews you and takes into consideration your current health. Then she works with you on simple exercises you can do within your own home or at your gym if you are a part of one. She does bring equipment with her, but also shows you that there are modifications you can do without any equipment necessary. The best part for me was that it was in my own home. Seriously. How convenient is that? I didn’t have to find childcare….my kid was even welcome to join us for the exercises, but she chose to watch cartoons instead. I didn’t have to try to make it to a class on time….the teacher came to me! And I wasn’t worried about my form or posture because I had one-on-one attention to help me do the exercises correctly.

If my laundry would dry I’d have more room to work out!

I admit that although I do regularly workout out a few times per week, I’m definitely in a rut. I go to my zumba class, but I’m wanting to get more toned. Those machines always intimidate me at the gym and I’m also afraid I’ll hurt myself if I lift weights incorrectly. I know it’s good to “feel the burn”, but I’m worried the “burn” might be causing permanent damage so I quit right when I probably should push through that pain. It was really nice to have someone show me exercises (in the correct way) I can do with or without a gym. I can even do them while my laundry dries. Don’t believe me? Just look at that clothes rack behind me…

You can sign on for as many sessions as you like. Some people find that a few sessions are all they need to get motivated and started in the right direction while others may prefer to have many sessions to keep them on track. You can even get a group of your friends together for a “bootcamp” type of class that can be held at a church or a park. She also offers virtual training sessions in which she interviews you by phone and emails you resistance training programs along with two full hour cardio videos to ensure you are performing the exercises correctly. For more details about her packages and pricing you can visit her website or her facebook page, but a personal session is about $40/hour with personal yoga being $20/hour. She is also offering 10% off for OKC Moms Blog readers! So don’t forget to mention that when you call or email! Julie works with women, couples, or small groups. So if it was your New Year’s goal to feel more fit as a family, you can contact her today!

**Disclosure: This was a Sponsored Post for J Byrd Fitness; however we stand behind all the services we endorse on Oklahoma City Moms Blog!  All opinions are 100% our own.**

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