How to Staycation Without Guilt



Summer is upon us and quite frankly I am dreading hearing the whining that “everyone” is going somewhere. Yes, last year I swore to myself that we would not miss a chance for another vacation but life happens; we started one business while another slowed, we have a child that is turning 16, and two that play softball (and when I say softball I mean the 15 hour days at the ballpark every weekend kind of softball).

Lord knows I could use a week on the beach but it is not going to happen and we all have to deal with it. Well, the kids have to deal with it and I am left dealing with the guilt that I didn’t take my children to a far away amusement park, or to the beach, or anywhere other than the softball parks in three surrounding states because that is what we do now.

I worry that my kids missed an opportunity for a relaxing or exciting summer; time to unwind and refresh before a new year begins. On second thought, who says you have to travel to relax and unwind? We can have a Staycation and accomplish that – of course that is if I can get past the guilt.

A Staycation evokes thoughts of boring trips to the zoo and museum where we have been a hundred times; of day trips to the movies and park in between loads of laundry and grocery trips. But what if you looked at it as a vacation for you, “the mom”, too? What if you took a week, or even a few days, and didn’t cook and didn’t worry over laundry? Would it make the time feel like more of a vacation for you and the kids? Does your mood and schedule change the kids’ moods as well? I am thinking the answer to all those questions is yes.

I think a Staycation without the guilt but WITH all the fun is completely possible if we let go of our schedules and break the monotony of our normal day-to-day lives. If we let go and have fun and relax then our kids will relax, too. Maybe dad can come home early and go fly kites with us, or we all sleep in and then go eat breakfast and stay out all day and come home exhausted. Yes! That is how a vacation is supposed to be. There is no guilt in making wise decisions for your family. There is only guilt in missing out on these days, because before we know it they are out the door, making their own decisions. So stop, breathe deep, and have fun!

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