Spring Trends Guide


Spring Trend GuideThough weather in Oklahoma can be cruel (75 one day, 25 the next), spring really is coming, whether it stays for a couple of days or a month! We’re going to think positive today and hope that at some point we get to enjoy slightly warmer weather for a least a few weeks in a row! So, let’s talk spring fashion trends!

Spring is looking really feminine and colorful this year and there are a few trends that I think will be pretty prevalent and easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Plus, you can find them anywhere from Target to high-end boutiques. (And you may even have a few already in your closet!)

  1. Pastels – Think pale pinks, icy blues, and mint greens. And with Radiant Orchid being named the “official” color of the year, we’ll see shades of purple everywhere! If pastels wash you out, keep wearing the colors that suit your skin tone best and try to incorporate them into your accessories – a pretty pink bag, a mint green pair of shoes or bracelet, etc. Make it work for you!
  2.  Black & White – Luckily if you aren’t a fan of color, black & white is going to be big too! Print dresses, shoes, bags – black & white together is easy to wear and even easier to accessorize! Don’t be afraid to add a pop of bright color!
  3. Art Prints – Trends are currently moving away from the usual floral prints for spring. Instead, look for more eclectic prints like geometric designs or brush stroke-type prints. You’ll even see items with replications of famous paintings on them!
  4. Full Skirts – Move those pencil skirts to the back of your closet! Spring is all about the full, feminine skirt. But don’t forget about the Oklahoma wind! If you don’t have both hands free (you’re a mom, when does that EVER happen?) make sure you invest in a good slip!!
  5. Global Inspired – Maybe it’s the excitement of warmer weather and the dream of tropical vacations, but exotic prints are going to be big! From bold tribal prints to more subtle embellishments, definitely be on the lookout for global inspired items this spring.
  6. Metallics – Put away the sequins for now, spring metallic are much more subdued. (Less sparkly and more muted.) A sophisticated metallic accessory can easily be added to many outfits!
  7. Wide-legged trousers – A wide-legged trouser can be really easy to wear. If you go this route, make sure you keep your proportions balanced by adding something fitted on top. Save the flowy, drapey tops for a more fitted pair of pants or skirt.
  8. Cropped jackets – While there’s no need to put away your fitted blazers and favorite motorcycle jacket, do consider adding a boxy, cropped jacket to your closet. If your body shape doesn’t work well with this, consider layering items to make it work, or just stick to what you know works for you!

Remember, you don’t have to conform to every fashion trend out there!  Find the trends and styles you like and make them work for you and your body!


IMG_2772Jamie Reed is the owner of JK Style, an Oklahoma City-area based image consulting and personal styling service. She received a degree in Governmental and Legal Studies from Oklahoma Christian University, and actually used that degree for a few years before returning to her love of fashion full-time. Through JK Style, Jamie has been able to help many women (and men!) look and feel their best while celebrating their own unique sense of style. Helping someone discover their true beauty both inside and out is truly a rewarding experience and her absolute favorite part of the job.


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