Sick Season: My Least Favorite Part of Parenting


We all have things we don’t like about parenting. For some, it may be doing all the crafts your kids like to do. For others, it might be packing school lunches.

For me, my least favorite part about parenting is dealing with the dreaded “sick season”. That time between school starting in the fall and basically when school ends in the spring. 

Having 3 little kids now, when one of us gets sick, it will be at least a month before it goes through the whole family. That means a whole month of sleepless nights, cranky kids, cranky parents, extra care, extra patience, all the things it takes to get well.

Tell me, does it get better when your kids get older and become a little more independent? I have a 7-month-old, a 3-year-old, and a 5-year-old. I should add that I’m currently nursing the baby, and she does still eat throughout the night. That could have something to do with the level of exhaustion I’m experiencing. 

Right now, we’ve been battling 3 weeks of sniffles, congestion, cough, and some sleepless nights. We’re all about the vapor baths, nose-blowing, humidifier, and mucus & congestion medicine.

Last night’s adventure was a 2:00 am wakeup call from two of our little cherubs that share a room together. One was continually coughing, while the other was crying and demanding I lay down next to her in her tiny toddler bed. It took at least an hour to get them back to sleep. Between my husband and me, we went into their room 4 times last night.

Right before this, and overlapping some, it was allergies that plagued us. Grass, mold, trees, etc. were all HIGH there for a few weeks. 

Before allergies, we dealt with the stomach bug sweeping through our family. I’m still trying to recover from that awfulness that hit me, and I’m really not sure how the boys both avoided it.

I’m sure more sickness is headed our way as the months turn colder. This year, I’ve reached my level of exhaustion sooner than I normally would. Sick season with three littles is no joke. Of course, we bounce back when everyone is feeling better for a short time, but it’s awful in the midst of it. 

If you have any tips or tricks, throw me a bone. Let me know your secrets! 


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