She’s a Mother Without a Baby: Infertility Awareness


It’s that time of year again–the day that looms over your head is upon us. Each year, you hope to have a little one to hold or to be pregnant on Mother’s Day; but once again, your arms are empty and your heart is broken. 

I see you. 

I know several women who are, unfortunately, struggling with infertility or the loss of a pregnancy. In addition to those women, I’m sure there are many more who are struggling in silence. No matter how vocal you have been about your struggles, just know you are not alone.

I may not know how it feels to receive the bad news that yet another round of Clomid was unsuccessful; I may not be anxiously awaiting a call from the adoption agency with the news that I had been matched with a child; I may not have the financial burden of paying for fertility medications, and I may not have experienced heartbreak from miscarrying a baby, but I see you. 

I may not know how you feel but I do know what’s in your heart because it’s the same as my own. 

You have a mother’s heart. 

From the very first moment you decided to start trying for a baby you started putting that baby before yourself, just as a mother would. You love so passionately and fiercely for that baby you are still awaiting–you would do anything in the world for him/her and I see that. 

You, my dear, are already a Mother. 

I expect this Mother’s Day will be tough for you, especially without a baby to celebrate; but, I encourage you to celebrate yourself and the mother that you already are!

You and I may not know what might be, what could be, or what WILL be…but what I do know is that you are so much more than a mother without a baby!



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