In This Season Of Busy, Let’s Make Time For The Best


There’s no denying that we live in a society that encourages moms to wear busyness like a badge of honor. We are bombarded with message after message that we need to do it all.

And I’ll be the first to admit that I can so easily fall into that trap.

Sometimes between my kids’ extracurricular actives, appointments, the never-ending laundry piles, and a plethora of other “essential” daily activities, I start to feel burned out. The busyness of life can quickly overwhelm me.

When I get stressed, or overwhelmed, or overwhelmed because I am stressed my first instinct is to cut something from my plate.

Phone call catching up with a long distant friend- CUT.

Girls night – CUT

Going to a friend’s house for dinner – CUT

Movie date with a girlfriend – YOU GONE.

It’s so easy to get busy. Busy with distractions and caught up in the days that seemingly contain 24 hours of constant go. It’s easy to push friendships and commitments off for another day.

But I can’t help but think that maybe I need to check my priorities.

Why is it that I so easily stop making time for the friendships that are important? In this season that is so busy, I should be making time for the best in my life. I should be investing in friendships and in people who I love and care about, not putting relationships on the back burner until life calms down.

Because let’s be real. Life never seems to calm down, and after all, nothing is more refreshing and rejuvenating than an afternoon spent laughing with friends. 

So from now on when life gets cluttered, I’m going to make time for the true friends, the ones who are real. The ones who I can have total transparency with. I’m going to carve out time for the friends who make me laugh. The non-judgers. The ones who share my hatred of petty things like snack time and concession stands at little league games. The ones who know I don’t have deep-seated marriage issues when I divulge my spouse and I’s last petty argument.

Mamas with a tiny herd of demanding babies, I encourage you to just call the friend. Invite them over. Don’t sweep the cheerios off your couch, just make time for the best.

Mamas with “big kids” that spend every evening off at sports, scouts, youth group – take the girls trip. Have your best friend over for dinner and laugh just like you did before life got complicated.

In this season of busyness let’s never be too busy to make time for the best.


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