6 Things I’ve Learned in the School Pick Up Line


school pick up

Here we are with another school year underway. My son loves to walk to school every morning, while I keep hoping that the weather gets cooler. As much as I love walking to school looking like a mess, I much prefer to just drive him and drop him at the front door. I know I might sound lazy, but lets be real. I have no energy to dress myself every morning.

Ultimately I won the car ride vs. walking battle, which means I get to park in the school pick up lane while I wait for him after school is out. This is really helpful when the weather gets cooler and I have a sleeping toddler in my car.

I know being a car rider isn’t for everyone. The other day while waiting for my son to get out I overheard one of the parents that walks and waits outside the school. She was telling an acquaintance how she couldn’t understand how people wasted their time in the pick up lane. She could never stand to sit in her car. She then noticed that my windows were down and suddenly said, “Well also my baby hates being in the car seat for so long.” I thought I get it, what works for me doesn’t have to work for you. But can we please be less judgmental of other peoples’ choices?

Now let me tell you, there is something that never ceases to surprise me. I honestly didn’t think I’d see the day where parents would get so frustrated by a simple line.

I can’t believe that I have to say this but these are the things that I learned while I waited at the pick up lane:

1. Being early doesn’t mean leaving early

Have you seen the amount of cars at school dismissal time? Yikes!

2. Let’s all be patient

I know we all have things to do but if you start honking your horn and cussing at others, that doesn’t help.

3. Let’s be courteous

See above. Cussing each other? Really people? You want your children to be kind and grow up to be nice people yet you are acting like a brat at the pick up lane.

It’s even in the Parent Information Handbook

4. Stay in your lane

You won’t be able to leave the school faster if you decide to try to pass the car in front of you while swerving into the other line. Most likely you’ll end up in the wrong lane and you stop traffic in the other side . Ugh!!

5. Turn on your radio

I know pick up time is stressful. Many times I wonder how people don’t get in accidents with all the crazy things going on. Listen to some music and try to relax.

6. Think about the kids

They are watching us. Our demeanor and the things we say while we are frustrated. I’m guilty of saying a couple of not so nice things. I’m doing my best to keep my cool, I promise.

If you are one of those parents that wait in a parking lot of a pick up line like me, I recommend you to bring a book with you or watch a silly video on Youtube. Anything to make the time go fast. Sometimes being there is boring but let’s look on the bright-side: sometimes it’s the only time I get for myself.


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