Resolution Is A Strong Word.


When I searched the word “resolution” on Merriam-Webster’s website, this is what it said;

resolution: the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc.

As a mom, I solve problems every day.  I find a lost shoe – solved.  I feed hungry children – solved.  I nurse a baby, dress a child and manage a time out all simultaneously – solved.  There is also plenty I don’t do every day, like getting the dishes put away, folding and hanging up the laundry, being patient when a certain three year old doesn’t want to buckle his car seat, etc.  And when these problems aren’t solved, I feel like a failure.

Dun. Dun. Duuuun.  January 1 in upon us!
Dun. Dun. Duuuun. January 1 is upon us!

So that is why I feel like a New Year’s Resolution is a strong phrase.  I prefer to call these my New Year’s Goals.  Maybe I’m the only one who’s ever failed in the areas they want to improve upon, but I doubt it.  So settle in with a bowl of black eyed peas and give my list of goals a gander.

Anna’s 2014 Goals

  • Reading my Bible:  This is on my list every year.  Since this life is a journey and I don’t believe that I can ever get enough of the Good Book, I hope to always strive to dig deeper into God’s Word.  One thing that has helped me is to listen to books.  I personally don’t ever sit down to read.  I deeply wish that I did.  However, in my crazy hectic house, it is rare that I will sit and have a quiet moment to myself.  By listening to the Bible or any other book, I can put it on while doing the dishes, folding laundry, editing photos, or any other activity that requires some of my attention.  Our library has a great selection of books in their Overdrive app.  I also use the Audible app.  I own the Inspired By the Bible Experience audio Bible, but you can also listen to some versions on the Bible app.
  • Being Intentional with My Children:  There are days when I feel like we are running through our days at lightning speed.  I want to be better about taking time and dropping everything to give all of my attention to my children and making some memories.  The other day I made cinnamon rolls for our neighbors and took the moment to relax and let the kiddos help.  This involved not getting all worked up about the mess of flour on the floor or the butter my daughter poured on her head.  I want more days like that.

    Making yummy memories with my big littles.
    Making yummy memories with my big littles.
  • Getting in Shape:  How annoying that this is always on my list.  I need to keep reading our contributor, Morgandi’s, posts about health and fitness and participate in the month long challenge by MashUp 🙂  I’ve been pregnant since 2010 so this is my year to get this old gal back into her old jeans…at least that’s my goal.
  • Writing Notes:  In our world of text messages, emails, Facebook and Twitter, I’ve lost the art of a note.  I often will write one and leave it on my dresser, usually with the address written on it…sometimes even with a stamp, and forget to take it to the mailbox.  How pathetic is that?!  So this year I want to write more.  I want  to use complete sentences and to delay gratification for the recipient to get said note.  I especially want to do this more with my smokin’ hot husband!  Nothing is more romantic (to me) than a love note.
    Beard and all, this is the man of my dreams.
    Beard and all, this is the man of my dreams.

    And if you need a little help in writing complete thoughts here’s a link to Real Simple’s guide to note writing.

    This can't be good for her baby.
    This can’t be good for her baby.
  • Making my Bed:  Some of you might be gasping at the thought of a grown woman not making her bed in the morning.  Sad as it is, it is a fact that I’ve come to accept.  I can’t believe that there is a good reason to make a bed that will be messed up again in twelve hours.  Alas, I want to do better in this area of my domestic nature.  I typically get my youngest out of his crib between 5-6 am.  He comes to bed with us, where I nurse him and go back to sleep.  My biggest little comes running in around 7am and we all cuddle until the middle little wakes up.  At this point I have no desire or ability to make my bed.  I’m making excuses now for a goal that I haven’t even started.  I hate making my bed!

What are your resolutions for the upcoming year?  I’d love to hear them!

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Anna is a born and raised Arkansan, transplanted to OKC for her husband’s job. She has 3 fantastic kiddos who are currently three and under. Although she has never taught in the school system, her degree is Family and Consumer Sciences Education is put to use every day in her full time career as a stay at home mom. Anna is also a lifestyle and portrait photographer. She’s Yoga practicing, lover of sewing, cloth diapering, DIY-ing, baby wearing mom who loves to bake with processed sugar. You can keep up with her over at Barefoot Mamma.


  1. Hi Anna,

    Great post! Love your writing. It’s funny, I hate making my bed, too. And I always had the same excuse for why I didn’t do it. Really? It only stays that way for a few short hours? What’s the point? But after I read a few years ago that making your bed is one the single easiest ways to boost happiness in your life, I started doing it. If you make it a habit for one month, you won’t want to go back. It’s so much cozier and is an easy way to feel accomplished and tidy. Plus, I like to think of it as something I am doing for my relationship because when our bed is made, we both are more likely to want to retreat to it together to enjoy some pillow talk and what often comes after… LOL. TMI?

    • Diana, that’s amazing! I’m already failing at that goal, not a good start. Maybe I can start with the 1 month goal and go from there. Although, i don’t know if it will be more appealing to Andrew, he’s usually just annoyed at all of the pillows I have. Haha!

  2. Ella once told me that she shouldn’t have to clean her room because mine wasn’t clean. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. Now, I only get on to her for making her bed when my bed is made…. it’s a struggle for me too! Better go do it now! 😉

    • Maria, I am dreading the day that Jack puts two and two together. I those little boogers are pretty observant. That’s great motivation!


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