Red, White & Fab: 3 Fourth of July Outfit Ideas


4th of July Outfit ideasThe Fourth of July is one of the most festive holidays of the year. The day is synonymous with hot dogs, fireworks, parades, bbq’s, popsicles, and celebrating outside soaking up the sun. I want to make sure you enjoy the day by putting your best fashion foot forward. Here are 3 looks that anyone can wear whether you’re going to be sitting at the park in the grass, hanging at the lake, lounging at a BBQ, or sitting on your patio, here are a few options to inspire you to be 4th of July ready!

4th of July Outfit ideasAmericana with a Twist:

You can keep with the look of red, white, and blue but with a modern twist. Instead of looking at solid colors, look at what prints you have in your closet that already have red in it and then add a solid blue top, and white sandals and you’ve created an All American Outfit with a Twist. You can make a version of this outfit in a variety of ways: printed blue shorts with a red solid top and white sandals, or printed white shorts with a red or blue solid top, and red or blue sandals. You can do this!


4th of July Outfit ideasClassic made Classy and Sassy:

Wear your favorite jean shorts, low booties, and a v-neck solid t-shirt, grown up classic jewelry, and a high bun. This is one of my personal favorite looks because it’s Summer ready with a little bit of class and polish to it. Your low booties aren’t just for Fall, you can wear them in the Spring/Summer too, just make sure your boots are black, white, gray, or light brown/tan in color. All of the shorts pictured are from American Eagle. They have a variety of sizes, lengths, and styles. AE shorts are my favorite blue jeans shorts, and believe me … I’ve been through a lot with clients, and for myself and AE denim shorts never disappoint.

4th of July Outfit ideasBaby You’re a Firework:

We all have a basic black or white dress whether it be long or short. Throw a kimono over your dress that has shades of blue, red, or white, and then add sandals that are blue, red, or white, and you are set! Your kimono doesn’t have to include all the colors that represent America in it, it can just have shades of blue which is fine, you get the point. This is a great outfit that can transition from day to night in a snap. Wear sandals and a fedora for day, and transition into night by adding wedges, fixing your hair, and putting on some red lipstick.

Go kick off your 4th of July in style and I hope to see you in a version of one of these effortless looks. May you be inspired!



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