Quiz: What’s Your Thanksgiving Style?


Thanksgiving Style

What’s Thanksgiving like for your family? Break down all the different ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving with this Thanksgiving Day Style Quiz! 

1. When you think about your tableware for Thanksgiving, you imagine that the plates, cutlery, and napkins will be:

a.  Heavy duty disposable plates, mixed patterns of silverware, and the “fancy” paper napkins with pumpkins on them.

b. Your wedding china, crystal, and silverplate flatware, a beautiful harvest-themed tablecloth, and matching cloth napkins.

c. Plain white china plates, cutlery wrapped in burlap and plaid ribbon, and wine glasses at the ready on the farmhouse table.

d. A full service of china, including salad and bread plates, crisp white tablecloth and napkins wrapped around hefty cutlery, none of which you will have to wash after the meal, because the waiters will be clearing it all away.


What's Your Thanksgiving Style?

2. Your favorite centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table is:

a.  One big pumpkin sitting on a bed of artificial fall leaves that you use every year.

b. A tasteful autumn flower arrangement from the local florist.

c. A cornucopia basket filled with earth’s bounty from the farmers market.

d. The restaurant will have lighted candles right next to the salt and pepper shakers.


What's Your Thanksgiving Style?

3. The menu for your family’s Thanksgiving Day meal is:

a.  All the brown and white food – turkey and dressing, potatoes, gravy, rolls, and regular old pumpkin pie.

b. Glazed baked ham, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and cranberry sauce.

c. Herbed turkey breast, fresh corn ears, roasted brussels sprouts, blackberry wine, and pear cake.

d. The Thanksgiving Day package for eight, turkey and all the trimmings, including gravy made from a mix.


What's Your Thanksgiving Style?

4. Besides eating a special Thanksgiving meal, your primary Thanksgiving Day activity is:

a.  Watching FOOTBALL!

b. Planning your Black Friday strategy.

c. Taking a long walk through the countryside after dinner.

d. Taking cell phone pictures with your dining companions and your food, and sharing them with the world.


What's Your Thanksgiving Day Style?

5. The topic of conversation most likely to cause a ruckus at your Thanksgiving table is:

a. OU vs. OSU

b. Trump vs. the media

c. Roundup vs. pesticide-free

d. How much are you supposed to tip on Thanksgiving?

What's Your Thanksgiving Day Style?

6. Your Pinterest “Thanksgiving” board is full of recipes for the one dish you can’t do without:

a.  Meat and more meat.

b. A very special stuffing/dressing. 

c. Corn pudding just like they ate at the First Thanksgiving.

d. Your Thanksgiving board has reviews of the best restaurants in town.


Thanksgiving Style from OKCMomsBlog

7. The “Most Likely Disaster” to strike in your kitchen on Thanksgiving Day is:

a.  Flimsy paper plates that don’t live up to the “heavy duty” label.

b. Running out of green bean casserole before everyone gets some.

c.  The wine is all gone before dinner is served.

d. The restaurant messing up your order.

What's Your Thanksgiving Style?

8. The kids in your family are allowed to eat at the Grown Up Table when they are able to:

a. Define first-and-ten.

b. Sit up straight and use their table manners.

c. Carry their own pumpkin at the pumpkin farm.

d. Drive to the local Starbucks for a coffee run.

Thanksgiving Style from OKCMomsBlog

Your Thanksgiving Style Quiz Results:

If you answered mostly a’s, your Thanksgiving Style is Casual. Your low-key approach to Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you aren’t thankful. For you, spending time with your family and counting your blessings are more important than the formalities. Doing something together, whether it’s watching football or just visiting, is your way of showing gratitude for the special people in your life.

If you answered mostly b’s, your Thanksgiving Style is Traditional. Your Thanksgiving celebration tends to be more formal, in keeping with the sacred nature of giving thanks. You lead by example in honoring the day by bringing your best to the table. Being intentional in your Thanksgiving celebration is how you express gratitude for all the good things in life.

If you answered mostly c’s, your Thanksgiving Style is Farm To Table. Your approach to Thanksgiving centers around a celebration of nature’s bounty. You are deeply thankful for the nourishing goodness of the fruits of the Earth. Related to your gratitude is the strong sense that the best way for us to show appreciation for our earthly home, is to take good care of it.

If you answered mostly d’s, your Thanksgiving Style is Alternative. You make a deliberate choice to celebrate Thanksgiving in your own way. Your Thanksgiving plans put a premium on spending time with those you love the most, instead of spending it in the kitchen. Taking the time to sit beside someone, to speak and listen to them, can be one of the best ways to show a person how much you appreciate them.

If you don’t have a clear favorite, your Thanksgiving Style is Eclectic. You choose to include foods, decor, and traditions from many styles to create your own unique Thanksgiving experience. A combination of thoughtfully picked details makes this holiday meaningful for you. Every feature helps to express your gratitude for the people and blessings in your life.

Thanksgiving Style from OKCMomsBlog


No matter what adds up to be your Thanksgiving style,

here’s wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!






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