Preparing for Tornado Season {From the Archives}


Born and raised in Kansas, I’ve learned that tornadoes are a part of life in the Midwest. And even though I’ve experienced many, many tornado warnings in my lifetime, they still scare me each and every time.

After getting married and starting a family in the great state of Oklahoma, tornado season has gotten scarier and scarier for me. Actually, being a mom has done that to me. Things terrify me a lot more now that I have two little ones. I don’t just see monkey bars. I see broken arms. I don’t just see sticks. I see major flesh wounds. And I don’t just see tornadoes. Unfortunately, I see tragedy. Don’t get me wrong, I still let my kids be kids and experience life at the playground and in the backyard, but I want to know that I can protect them as best as I can. That’s why ever since we’ve had kids, I’ve tried to convince my husband that we need to get a storm shelter installed. I’m still not used to the no basement way of life here!

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