A Letter For The Young Mom


Dear Young Mom,

Having a baby changes everything, but having a baby when you are not ready or when it is not planned can be difficult, especially when you are young.

You thought you had a great future, you thought you would conquer the world, but somewhere along the way you fell in love. 

You believed in the fairy tale of a prince that would come and save you, and you gave him your all. Your all that was sacred, your all that was forever and you thought it was enough.

But in the middle of your fairytale you found out the news, news you never expected, at least not at this point. You felt your world crumbling and your hopes for your future gone, you think your life is over and feelings of failure grow strong.

How could this happen? How could this be? But everything changes the moment you see the little one moving inside and the innocence within.

All of the sudden the life within you is all you need to be strong and to be your own.  You no longer need the prince or the approval of others because you know that love and strength come from within.

You become mama bear bear and your instincts kick in and the life you are giving becomes the future of your dreams. Nothing else compares, nothing else matters, once you hold that little baby in your hands.  All of the sudden age, experience, career, or even other people’s opinions vanish because holding your baby is all you need.

Young mama I see you, young mama I know you, I know your fears and recognize your tears. Young mama don’t fear, love is all your baby needs, he loves you from the moment he could hear.  Give him love, give him the gift of your all. 

Young mama don’t worry. Everything will be okay. I can promise you this because that young mama was me.


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