Part 1 – Dressing on a Dime!


This is part one of a two part series.

If you are like me, and I think most moms are, you tend to spend a large part of your budget on your kids. Not because you have to, but because you want your kids to look spectacular!  Hey, lets face it, they go through clothes quicker than we do.  Too bad we can’t stop time on that growing up thing,  plus, they are just fun and easy to shop for.

I find shopping on a dime for myself as a fun challenge.  Going  to the store and coming out spending $10 or less on a new piece of clothing totally makes my day. Something I can’t live without, something people are gonna rave about, something that will make that awesome necklace or scarf at home look ravishing. It’s a fun challenge for me!  This shirt I bought below at Daisy Exchange for $3!  You wouldn’t believe the comments I get on this top every time I wear it. LOVE it!

$3 Daisy Exchange Shirt
Same $3 shirt, accessorized!
Same $3 shirt, accessorized!

Here are some of the best places to shop in OKC if you want to Dress on a Dime:

1. The $1 Jewelry Store – best place to find jewelry to match any occasion! Best part is, if your sweet little one breaks it while you are wearing it…it was only a $1. Major score for you! You can even buy something for your little one with that kind of price tag!  Below is one of my favorite $1 Jewelry Store finds. Love this necklace – it adds a pop of color to any outfit.

Favorite $1 Jewelry Store find
Adds a pop of color to a black and white cardigan.
Adds a pop of color to a black and white cardigan.

2. Ross – oh my….this is one of my favorite stores. I find the best deals and clothes on the planet here. The key to shopping at Ross is to go in open minded – which you have to do when shopping for bargains.  This is the store where you can find something cheap to rock with a cute scarf or necklace.

3. Daisy Exchange – this is a consignment shop where you can sell your still-in-style clothes there and they will give you cash or store credit. With Daisy Exchange and Ross, I never have to spend more then $5-$10 on an item. When I can find something awesome for $3 (like that cute shirt above) I leave the store a very happy shopper.  A huge plus for Daisy Exchange, I usually turn around and spend that money in the store since they have such great deals!

4. Somewhere to shop for your kids without breaking the bank is Once Upon a Child. It’s a slightly used, second hand store. I have found some really fabulous items for my kids at this store. If my 10 year old is with me, she has a blast picking out some fun items for herself and I know we will leave without spending a ton of money. More on Once Upon a Child in part two of this series.

5. Another awesome place to shop for your kids is the Just Between Friends sale, which happens a few times a year at the Oklahoma State Fair Park (but can be found in Norman and Edmond too!) It’s a great place to find gently used kids clothes at fabulous prices. I love the racks and racks of clothes that you see when you walk in the building.  It gets my adrenaline running because once again, it’s a challenge to find something perfect and great for the kids. If you sign up to consign your kids clothes, you get to go on a special night to shop before the public. This place is a added bonus to any mommy’s budget! Get some girlfriends together and check out the JBF sale, then go get coffee after and compare all your great finds. Perfect mommy day!

6. Any store having a BOGO sale. I’m a sucker for these but you can save a ton of money doing this. Stores that have adult and kid apparel and accessories will have a sale and voila!  You saved money on you and your sweet babies!

7. Any store with coupons is also a major deal!  Even with higher priced stores, any percentage or dollar amount off really helps!  This is the perfect time of year when stores will have coupons as incentives to do your Christmas shopping with them.

Where are your favorite places to shop for great deals?

I hope these tips help!!  Happy Shopping Sweet Mommas!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series!!

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Jeana is the proud mom of Aubree, 10 and Brody, 7 & proud step-mom to Seth, 17 and Alana, 15. Jeana married her love, Ric, on the sands of CoCoa Beach, Florida in July. Jeana was born and raised here in Oklahoma and proudly claims the title "Okie". Jeana has a passion for fashion (check out her blog, Shop Jeana's Closet) and loves to shop in her spare time. She also loves crafts, reading, sports and is very active at the Oakcrest Church of Christ. Jeana is an OU Sooner and OKC Thunder fan. Jeana works for OUHSC in The College of Pharmacy as a Staff Assistant and loves going to work everyday. Jeana is so blessed by this wonderful opportunity.


  1. I loooove Ross, I will have to check out the $1 jewelry and Daisy Exchange. I also like the clearance racks at Old Navy and Target for a good deal! And when I feel like digging there’s always various thrift shops I’ve managed a few good finds at!

  2. Great Article! I love dressing on a dime! It’s fun to add up how much your outfit cost! I’ve never been that lucky at the $1 jewelry store! I’ll have to check it out more often!

  3. Great article, Jeana! It always makes me happy when I find a great deal. Yes, my kids have more shoes each than I do…and they outgrow them every six months. Something is definitely wrong there. I can’t help it. Like you said, they are fun to buy for. Looking forward to part 2!

  4. I LOVE a good bargain and I’m pretty much always making a bee-line for the clearance racks! I am so glad to find an adult consignment store! I hope to take my clothes soon and trade them out for something new! Thanks for recommendation!

  5. I TRY not to go to Kohls and I wait until I get a 30% off coupon in the mail,which is several times a year. But I think you may have to be a credit card holder. When I get the 30% off then that automatically makes anything I buy a better deal than it would have been before! Plus, Kohls runs frequent sales, so I can get 30% off a sale or clearance item! Just the other day I bought a little boys Ralph Lauren sweater vest for less than $3 because it was on the kiddie clearance rack and I got a percentage off. But this is really only a good deal if you pay off your credit card when due so you don’t have interest because of not paying the balance. And not to mention if you don’t pay your card on time you will have late charges. As you leave your checkout counter, you could go straight to customer service and pay cash or by check for the same amount you put on your card and pay the balance right then and there. So be responsible, people! If you can’t handle a credit card and pay in full, don’t take one out. But that’s another great way to get a great deal on clothes and other household items!!


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