Why You Should Vacation WITHOUT Your Kids



My husband and I got away for our first trip without our daughter last spring.

It. Was. Glorious.

Don’t get me wrong: We missed our little girl.  Really, we did.

Poolside cocktails are basically my love language

But do you see that face? That’s the face of a woman who hasn’t even thought of the word “diaper” in 72 hours.

Here’s the thing: vacationing without your children is a Win-Win-Win.  And this doesn’t require great expense or traveling far if you don’t want it to, there are so many great places to staycation right here in Oklahoma! The important thing is getting in the quality time.

Win 1: Multiple Date Nights.

Oh hey, remember that guy you married that one time? Yeah, he’s still pretty great.  You still kinda like him.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have uninterrupted time with him?  Yes, yes it would.  My husband and I got to have actual real conversations on this trip.  You know, conversations about things other than laundry and schedules and diapers. 

Also, taking the time to nurture your relationship will only benefit your children. I promise.

Win 2: You Make the Rules!

Oh I’m sorry, were you under the impression that you, as the parent, make the rules?

You must not have a toddler.

We woke up when we wanted. We ate when we wanted. We went to places when we wanted.  These simple things felt like the ultimate in luxury.

I’d say we have the whole food pyramid represented here, right?

Want to bring just your purse as your carry-on and not have to think about any strategy for flying with a baby? Done. Want to eat nachos by the pool then take a long nap and call that a productive afternoon? Do it.  Want to get in your car and drive hours around the island until you reach the tippity top of a mountain? Knock yourself out. You have no napping schedule (except your own) to adhere to. There are no diapers to change.  An adults-only vacation is schedule anarchy – and it’s awesome.

Go crazy, sleep til 9:00, I double dog dare you.

Win 3: Grandparents Are Awesome

Reading Anna’s post on why grandparents rock brought back the fondest memories of time I spent with my grandparents…without my parents present.  You know how sometimes you have to let go and let dad?  Do the same for the grandparents. Grandparent rules are different than parent rules and that, my friends, is where the fun lies.  Our daughter split her time away from us between both sets of grandparents and pretty much everyone was on cloud 9.  She loved it. They loved it.  It was a great big love fest and I’m thrilled that she’s forming these bonds with them.

See that? Three wins.  But, I do have one confession.

All those great conversations my husband and I got to have? 99% of them were about our daughter – how much we loved her, and missed her, and where we were going to go for our next vacation…with her.

What was your first trip without your kids?  Do you have one planned? 




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