5 Out-Of-The-Box Gift Ideas for New Moms


There’s no shortage of ideas out there for baby shower gifts: nursing pillow, burp cloths, diapers, wipes, butt cream, nipple cream…you get the idea.

What about gifts for mama? Yes, she’ll NEED your trusty padsicle recipe and setting up a meal train wouldn’t hurt. She may even enjoy a postnatal massage gift certificate or some babysitting/housework coupons, but there are so many little things mama might not even realize she needs yet!

Let my unpreparedness for motherhood be your win, and pick up one of these out-of-the-box gifts for the new mama in your life.

1. Bath Sheets 

The first time my pregnant self got out of the shower only to find that a regular old bath towel could no longer be trusted to wrap around the growing belly… well, let’s just say I stopped at Target on my way to work to pick up some bigger towels. Gift mama some luxurious bath sheets before that belly outgrows her towels!

2. Pop Socket

While yes, we new moms mainly just gaze lovingly into baby’s eyes while feeding them, we also have lots of googling to do and Friends reruns to watch. Get mama a cute new phone case and a matching pop socket. While you’re at it, tell her NOT to Google so much. It never really helps. Just watch something funny on Netflix.

3. Small Umbrella

An umbrella you can toss in a diaper bag is a MUST! Trying to navigate a store with a carrier and diaper bag is hard enough in dry weather. Spare your sister the trouble and make sure she’s prepared. Bonus ideas: ice scrapers with the glove attached for winter babes or a noggle for summer babes! 

4. Instant Tea Kettle

Between increasing milk supply and decreasing anxiety, I was drinking a lot of tea in those early post-partum days. I wanted an instant tea kettle so badly, but it’s not one of those things you just buy for yourself! Help mama have tea ready as soon as she needs it, so she can get a few extra minutes of sleep. Every minute counts!

5. Foot Stool

Holding baby is rough on the lower back. You don’t realize how much hunching you do. Do mama’s lower back a favor and get her a foot stool. Mine came from Land of Nod and is the perfect height to lift baby up just enough to put your hips at a comfortable angle! 

What useful gifts did you receive when you became a mama?


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