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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Mabel’s Labels in exchange for a Little Kid School Combo.  However, all opinions are 100% our own and we stand by Mabel’s Labels in all that we endorse.


I’d been dreading this day for a long time. No sooner had my maternity leave started when it abruptly ended, and the first day of daycare arrived. I was a nervous wreck with those famous first day jitters. What if he cries all day? What if he misses me? What if he has a terrible diaper accident and they have to change him, but they misplace his pants and another kid goes home with them? What if they give him the wrong kid’s bottle?

While I can’t do anything about the first two (completely normal) anxieties, there was an answer for the other ones. Mabel’s Labels.

These cute little labels claim to be microwave, dishwasher, and laundry safe. You can stick them to clothes, bottles, pacifiers, school supplies, and even shoes. So, as I prepared to send my little one off to his first day of day care, I ordered some of these labels to help me keep a sliver of sanity.

The ordering process was actually pretty fun! When you place an order, you type in your child’s name (or your own!), pick a font, and choose an adorable character to include on the label. As you input this information, the website populates a preview so you know exactly what you’re ordering. I enjoyed the live preview because I was able to go back and forth between different character designs until I chose the right one.

mlI ordered the Little Kid School Combo pack, and the labels arrived in a standard envelope that included a booklet with instructions. The labels are easy to peel off and stick to different surfaces, and I like that each type of label is compactly stored on its own page so you remember which labels are which. The sticker sheets are small enough to keep in a diaper bag, too!

beforeI applied the standard labels to my son’s bottles first. They go on very easily and look super cute! I sent them with him on his first day and was happy to see that the labels were still there when I picked him up. They survived a dip in the bottle warmer without coming off, but I knew the real test was the dishwasher. I don’t have a dishwasher (I know, how do I even survive?), but I figured a bottle sterilizer would do the trick. The water basically boils in those things, and honestly, I didn’t expect the labels to survive.

When I took the bottles out of the microwave, they were as good as new. The labels were still stuck firmly in place with no sign of bubbling or peeling.

ml4My next test was the clothing labels. I stuck the tiny labels on my son’s pants, swaddles, and blankets. They stayed put through normal wear and tear, so I threw them in the laundry for the real test. Some detergent and a spin cycle later, and the labels were still there with no sign of moving any time soon.

The kit I ordered also came with shoe labels that help your child decipher the right foot from the left, and two plastic name badges with key rings.

Overall, I’m impressed with the durability of the labels and the ease of applying them. They definitely made this overly-organized mama a bit less stressed on that dreaded first day back to work!

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