What I Love Best About Oklahoma Seasons



Infamous tornadoes, blistering summers and ice storms that rival Elsa’s. What good things could anyone say about Oklahoma weather? Well, as an Okie transplant that’s lived in many states and traveled to many more, I happen to love the seasons here…within reason. I love the progression each year brings and the unique gifts proffered by our ever changing climate. 


At the slushy staleness of cold melts into beautiful spring days, I love to see all of the animals and plants come to life in our great state. Then come the storms. Without them we couldn’t have our beautiful greenery, but I’d be lying if I said they didn’t incite a little anxiety in my non-native Okie blood. Clearly, they have potential for devastation, but there really is nothing as beautiful as lightning tearing across the sky.
Living here a few years now, I am beginning to enjoy the beauty that is a great storm. Once your storm shelter is stocked with the wine essentials there is a lot to enjoy about spring storms, at least the less severe ones. One of my personal favorite storm past times is to play Oklahoma Severe Weather Bingo with my husband. We put the kids down, turn on the weather, and play with the red dirt music blaring. Totally FREE at home date night brought to you by storm season.


Ahhh sweet summer time. Remember that week of the 123 degree day? I don’t because I’m pretty sure it melted some portion of my already Swiss cheese like mom-brain. That week aside, I do love that it gets scorching enough here to warm the lakes and make pool time a refreshing activity.
What would the Edmond Fourth of July parade be with out a free church hot dog and a sweat dampened patriotic t-shirt? The horrific heat of midday is often followed by spectacular sunsets in a cooler evening with wafting smells of delicious BBQ. Who can really hate that? Also, those high temps make me even more excited to welcome my favorite season, Fall.


Whether you wear OU or OSU’s colors, football and friends say fall to me. The time of soups, casseroles and pumpkin everything speaks directly to my stomach soul. Fall in Oklahoma brings about the best in fashion options. It’s Cardi B weather! No not the dancer turned rapper, cardigan boot weather!! Which is simply the best. We may not be known for our fall foliage, but with so many fun fall activities, in weather that’s actually pleasant to enjoy, I really love fall in OK. 


Finally, winter. I love pre-holiday winter. There’s something so special about a cold Thanksgiving morning and flurries on Christmas Eve. Having visited warmer climates around the holidays, I have to say as much fun as it is, I certainly prefer pine to palm trees for my Christmas lights. Icy January is a bit of a different story in my book, but necessary to make my heart ready for the thaw of Spring. 
To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time to every purpose, under heaven
-The Byrds
What do you enjoy most about our seasons? 


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