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There is so much good happening in our community. From lending a helping hand when a mom has her hands full to caring for those who might not have as much as we do, Oklahomans love to help.  So when we found a great charity that is inspiring many people in our community to band together to help each other, we knew we found a great cause!  Our upcoming Moms Night Out event (details announced soon!) will have a portion of the proceeds go towards this charity that does one thing we definitely approve of…helping our own.

Love OKC says this about themselves:

We partner with the community to provide tangible hope to children, families, individuals, and the elderly struggling within our community. On this day, we provide groceries, health services, community service connections, lunch, haircuts, family portraits, and activities for children. All goods and services are FREE on the day of the outreach.

LOVE that!  So what exactly is this ONE DAY they are talking about?  Mark your calendars for October 4th and then read on to hear what two volunteers from last year said…and how it changed their lives!


LoveOKC_300x300As I walk through the flowing crowd of people jostling one another, some not knowing exactly where to begin and others rushing to the area most important to them, I’m reminded that everyone has many different mountains to climb.

I pass a woman with three kids pulling and yanking on her as they head for a meal and to have their first family portrait taken. A man rushes to the career fair, where he will meet with someone who will help him perfect his resume.  I look around me and witness hundreds of men and women gain confidence from something as simple as a new haircut or the knowledge they will go home with groceries for their families.  I am overwhelmed with peace at what I see going on all around me.

LOVE OKC One Day is not just for those in need; it’s for everyone. Whether you come to volunteer, to receive services, or to donate funds, you will be blessed. This event is life changing. Your heart will be filled with joy to see people from all walks of life come together as one, to better the lives of people in the great community of Oklahoma City. It’s a chance to love others, serve one another, and grow as individuals.

~ Amy Gutteridge, Volunteer


I never knew what I was getting myself into.  My husband, two boys, and I volunteered two years ago.  We showed up when it was still dark outside to help set up. I have never seen so many happy people that early in the morning, so ready to serve!  With my camera and equipment in tow, I headed off to the Family Portrait area while my husband and boys helped pack boxes of groceries.  As I was getting anxious for the guests to arrive, I met new friends – some of the most amazing people – volunteers from all over the city dressed in the same t -shirt with one goal in mind: Serving.  Who does that?!!  Who gives up an entire Saturday of their busy lives to serve others??  These people did.  And I had chosen to be one of them.  I had put myself right in the middle of a Jesus day.  A day where I believe if He were in the flesh standing beside me, he would’ve been right in the middle of it all, hugging and loving on people.   Serving.  He would smile when the families swarmed in to receive their free family portrait.  Some told me it was the first time they had ever had a professional picture taken and how they would treasure it forever and hang it proudly in their home.  He would smile when the young couple expecting their first baby got a memory in print to keep for always.  He would cheer for the little boy who was beaming when he received a professional haircut and then marched proudly over to have his picture taken with his momma.

LOVE OKC One Day.  It is a priority to my family each year.  We’ve never been so blessed.

~Julie Riggins, Volunteer Team Leader


Grab a tissue and check out this amazing video from last year’s highlights.


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