How Can You Make Virtual School Work for You?


Disclaimer: We have partnered with Oklahoma Virtual Prep Academy to bring you this sponsored post on how you can make virtual learning work for your family.

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From the teachers & staff at Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy.

Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy (OKVPA) is a PreK-8, tuition-free public virtual school available to families statewide in Oklahoma. To learn more about the program, view the curriculum and check out upcoming events click here.

These days, there are not just so many options for where to send your children to school, but how to send them to school. Virtual education is an exciting, successful alternative to brick and mortar schools.

1. Put an end to commuting, which is one of the most stressful parts of the day.

Whether you have a 5-minute walk or a 45-minute drive, it is a constant battle to make sure everyone has combed their hair and brushed their teeth, that all the pertinent items have made it into the backpacks, and that healthy lunches are packed. In a virtual environment, you can start your school day when it works for you.

2. Take more control over your child’s day-to-day schedule.


When kids are dropped off at school or start heading for the bus stop, parents have to relinquish control and hope for the best. In a virtual school environment, the parents are able to promote a positive learning environment throughout the day. They don’t have to worry as much about the exposure to bullying or other social pressures.

3. Make sure your child gets a social, athletic, well-rounded experience that is not tied to their academic career.


3ATHLETICInstead of joining a brick and mortar school’s basketball team, they might meet even more people by joining a community league. If a school only offers clarinet and your child wants to play guitar, you can open them up to more opportunities outside the walls of traditional schools. It is much easier to fit in the practices and meetings of extracurricular activities if you are not bound by the parameters of school bells.

4. Technology is rapidly expanding and virtual learning is more convenient than ever.

If you need to, you can take your child’s education on the road due to job transfers out of your district, military base re-assignments, or even just your desire to show your family the Grand Canyon or Stonehenge. You can really tailor your child’s educational experience to the needs of your family.

5. You are not alone!

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The Supervising Teacher will develop a personal relationship with each family, will plan and direct the learning program and provide instruction, and will monitor progress and ensure appropriate pacing and mastery of subjects. The Supervising Teacher’s role extends beyond daily activities to include live instruction, parent/teacher conferences, planning field trips, and moderating enrichment clubs. Now, more than ever, parents have more choice and more involvement in their children’s education. Many of them are choosing to harness the latest technology and combine it with the convenience, flexibility, and control of a virtual environment. Check out OKVPA and see how a virtual education might be the right fit for your family.

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