Oklahoma City Dodgers: A Perfect Family Event

We are excited to partner with our friends at the MiLB Copa de la Diversión to showcase our city's Minor League Baseball team, the OKC Dodgers.

My kids are currently obsessed with baseball. My son plays baseball, my daughter plays softball, and my four-year-old anticipates the day when he meets the age criteria for t-ball. We’ve watched “The Sandlot” thirteen hundred times in a row, and my son will watch re-runs of old baseball games on TV. (Yeah, I don’t get it either.)

Despite having a house full of baseball fanatics, there was one thing that we hadn’t crossed off our baseball bucket list.

And that was to go to an OKC Dodgers game.

However, last weekend, I finally had the chance to take my kids out to the ball game, and we were all beyond ecstatic to go.

My one reservation about taking my kids to a Dodgers game was not knowing the parking situation. Bricktown parking terrifies me. However, the location of the ballpark is very convenient – parking wise. Moms, you don’t have to worry about parallel parking your minivans. There are tons of close places to park that make walking to the stadium with little kids in tow a piece of cake.

Once we got inside, finding our seats was very self-explanatory which is important when you’re herding tiny people through a busy crowd. The best part is there really are no “bad” seats in the house. Besides the typical stadium seating, there is also picnic style seating on the lawn which I think would be a perfect place to let kids who get the wiggles watch the game. There also is a great playground for children to play at! They really thought of everything.

The game itself was so fun to watch! We had the chance to attend a game during the “Copa de la Diversion“. The Dodgers are one of 33 teams across Minor League Baseball to embrace the cultures and values of U.S. Hispanic/Latino fans in the community. This was a neat experience, and we especially enjoyed the music that accompanied the Copa de la Diversion game.

The game that night was filled with tons of action, and my kids were all impressed with how well the Dodgers fielded the ball. We saw a couple of great home-runs and exciting plays.

We caught a foul ball!

And this brings me to my children’s favorite part of the game. Foul balls. Every time a player got up to bat my kids said a secret prayer that the player would hit a foul ball into the crowd. My kids live for a little danger and excitement.

It’s no secret that baseball can go a little slow, however, in between innings my kids were kept occupied by watching the fun entertainment on the field. The breaks were filled with many fun games, great music, and dance cams, which gave my daughter an excuse to work on perfecting The Floss.

Even if your family isn’t knee deep into all things baseball, going to a Dodgers game is something that your family will enjoy. I can say this with all confidence and certainty because I am on the dark side. Despite my kids being obsessed with all things baseball, I am not a baseball loving maniac. I like baseball, I enjoy baseball, but I don’t live and breathe baseball.

However, despite my lack of a baseball obsession, I had a complete blast. I will even argue to say that attending a Dodgers game is the most fun that we’ve had as a family in a long time. 

So if you’re looking for a fun and family friendly activity to do in the OKC metro, be sure to check out a Dodgers game!  We can’t wait to go back. 


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