Noah’s Birth Story

one week old and so in love

No, I have never written down Noah’s birth story until now. Yes, I do replay it over and over again in my head.

My husband and I were married young – how young you wonder? Like 17 & 18 years old young. We were high school (church youth group) sweet hearts. He joined the military and I followed. Eight months after we got married, he was deployed to Iraq for a year. We had always talked about having children in the future but WAY in the future because of course we were still SO young. While he was deployed, I decided to make sure everything was medically okay with me. Come to find out I was not “okay”. A doctor quickly diagnosed me with an infertility disorder and told me it would be difficult for us to get pregnant. We knew without a doubt we wanted children and also knew that my husband would not be Active Duty military forever.  We took the opportunity while receiving amazing medical benefits from the military to use infertility options to conceive. Thanksgiving 2008, a friend’s dad from our church at the time prayed over my husband and I and said by Thanksgiving of the next year we would be holding our baby. It had been over a year and half of going through infertility treatments. Fast forward three months later to February 24, 2009 I had become very worn down and just done with the whole process. We went in for a third insemination in which I told myself if this did not work I was going to be done with trying to conceive for awhile.

bsMarch 18, 2009 while I was at work, I received a phone call from the doctor’s office that I still recall to this day – “Jennifer, your blood test came back positive, you are pregnant.”- WHAT?! I was pregnant!! The overwhelming emotions that flooded my body all at once was indescribable. I could not believe that – just when I was about to give up!

I wanted to be able to surprise my husband with the news just like I was. I went to the nearest Walgreens and bought red lipstick, pink and blue balloons and a green bow that you put on top of a wrapped present. I hurried home and went straight to the bathroom … I wrote cute baby hint words on the mirror with the red lipstick, hung pink and blue balloons up {to hint it would be a 50/50 chance on what gender we would have} and put on a bikini {which would be the last time I looked that good in one}. I put the green bow on my belly to give an even bigger hint that YES, there was a baby in my tummy!

Then, I sat in the bathroom for what seemed like hours waiting for my husband to get home from work that day. My heart was racing and my mind was thinking of the future.  My husband pulled into the driveway, opened up the door and at the top of his lungs was singing the Justin Timberlake song, “I’m bringing sexy back…. yeahhhhh”. My first thought, oh dear this is going to be the father of our child.

He quickly realized that I did not come greet him at the door like usual so he yelled out for me. “I’m in the bathroom!” He comes around the corner and just stood there in a pause. He was SURPRISED and yet in some disbelief. He had to ask me over and over if I was being serious, if the doctor really called and kept asking “Are we really pregnant?!” We were so thrilled.

Now I say all this because my birth story is less of a story than the story I have of how hard we tried to get pregnant with our son. My pregnancy, not to brag, was AMAZING. I never have felt so great in my life. I was happy. I was actually more of a pleasant person. I felt sane and I only gained 25 lbs! A month before Noah was due, I felt my first contraction and like most first time moms: I freaked out. Was this it? Is it time? Its too early… I rushed to the hospital (because that is what you do right?) and found out it was JUST Braxton Hicks. Silly me.

By this point I was so ready to meet Noah. The next week, I had my doctor’s appointment. My doctor checked me and let me know that I was at 5cm dilated. I automatically thought that she would send me over to the hospital to deliver that day but nope, I was wrong again. My doctor informed me that she was going to wait until my bag of water broke and for me to come in when that happened. Well, a week later my “bag of water” broke. Okay, this time I knew it was the real deal. He IS coming. We have to go to the hospital NOW. We get to the hospital, get checked and find out that oh, it was just my FALSE bag of water that broke. What?! I never even knew there was such a thing!

so excited to meet our baby!

So now I am walking around 5cm dilated and just had my false bag of water that broke. Fast forward three weeks to a scheduled induction that my doctor recommended.  We woke up at 4am to get ready to go to the hospital. It was all too weird because I was feeling absolutely nothing even though I was so dilated. We were getting ready to deliver a baby! We arrived at the hospital and since I was already 5cm I could have automatically received an epidural but I decided to wait because I wanted to feel the contractions. Silly me again. As soon as the medicine hit me inducing the labor, I asked kindly for the epidural.

The whole day was calm and actually fun. We laughed, talked and freaked out at moments because we were getting ready to be parents. Then, it was time to push. I am not joking when I say that when my husband and I were together bringing Noah into this world, it was the FUNNEST time I have ever had. I pushed for almost two hours but also enjoyed the time with my husband for that two hours. We laughed and joked the whole time in between pushing and breathing.

We arrived at the hospital at 5am and by 7:03pm on November 10, 2009 (two weeks before Thanksgiving just as our friend’s dad had prayed) Noah was born!

birth2aAs soon as Noah was delivered, the nurses put him on my chest. He was not crying, was so calm and he was a bluish color.  For a moment I thought there was something wrong with him but everyone assured me he was okay. The connection that Noah and I had at the moment was so peaceful; I wish I could go back to that moment in time every day.

Friends came to the hospital to visit and I repeatedly told them that I wanted to give birth again and again. It was that fun to me! We loved our stay at our hospital, St. Anthony. We were blessed to stay in a room with a queen size bed so that my husband did not have to sleep on those dreadful pull out couches. Breastfeeding was great right from the start as well. Noah was even an awesome baby too! We had thought he was deaf (seriously, got him tested three times) because he almost NEVER cried! {He cries more now than when he was newborn.} All in all my pregnancy, birth and newborn moments were such an amazing time for me. Noah changed my world for the better.

Every day that I was pregnant, my husband laid his hands on my stomach. We prayed serious things – give our son an obedient heart, a sweet spirit, gentleness, kindness, and health. My husband also prayed superficial things as well – give him dark hair, blue eyes, and beautiful skin. Every time someone comments on Noah’s blue eyes we look at each other and laugh about how good God is to answer the prayers of our hearts for our kids, even the tiniest ones. I am so blessed to be Noah’s mommy and I hope that if I ever become pregnant again, that my future birth story is just as easy going as Noah’s was.

FOUR years later!
FOUR years later!



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