Musical Beds: The “Game” I Didn’t Sign Up For


A Game of Musical Beds
Are you looking for a new form of free entertainment you can play with your whole family?! Well look no further! This game promises hours of fun activity for all sorts of family members no matter their age. You can play using items you have in your own home. You didn’t even know it was there at your disposal, in fact you may have already been playing! The game is called Musical Beds and here’s how you play….

Players: As many people as are in your family

Objective: To move to a different location than the one you started out in over the course of an evening

How to play: The rules are simple. Everyone will start out in their own bed. Throughout various rounds in the night and through various means, players will move to different locations to sleep. Depending on the amount of players and beds you have, the rounds can vary. Therefore, the game can be different every time it is played!

Two sample games are listed below to show you some options of how you may play! (In the sample game I used members of my family: the mom, the dad, the daughter, and the baby.)

Sample Game 1

Round 1: The moon and stars are out and it’s time to begin! Everyone starts out in their designated locations: Mom and Dad in their bed, daughter in her bed, and baby in the crib. Who will make the first move? At this point it’s anyone’s guess!

Round 2: A few hours have passed and the baby starts to fuss. Mom makes the first move to retrieve baby from the crib and bring her to the parents bed for a late night nursing snack. The baby eats and quickly falls back asleep but mom is sleeping on the edge of the bed now. She decides it’s best to move to the guest bedroom.

Round 3: The next move is made by the daughter player. She stirs from a nightmare she’s having because her parent made a bad choice and let her watch Star Wars before she was age appropriate. Now she is crying and running to mom’s room…but mom’s not there….she finds her in the guest room and crawls in bed with her. Mom calms her fears, rubs her back and daughter falls asleep. But once again mom is out of room, and the grinding of her daughter’s teeth is frightening and unbearable.

Round 4: Mom makes her second move of the night to the daughter’s empty bed and falls back asleep.

Round 5: The dad wakes up early and thinks he will get in some light reading before the sun comes up. He moves to the couch, but the book is not good enough to keep him awake and he falls asleep on the couch.

GAME OVER!!! Everyone met the objective and therefore everyone wins! (and somehow that tiny baby got the King size bed all to herself!)

I think it’s clear who the winner really is!

Sample Game 2

Round 1: Tonight’s game starts out a bit unusual in that mom and daughter start out in their beds, but the baby is fussy. Dad decides to let her cry it out in the guest room while he stays awake nearby. When she finally is sleeping soundly, he realizes he doesn’t want to move her, but there’s no room for him on the bed. So he decides to sleep nearby her on the floor. The game begins later than usual but that’s okay because it still can be played!

Round 2: Much like the previous game the first move is made by a hungry baby. The dad brings her to the mom to nurse in her bed. He’s exhausted from the sleeping on the floor so he goes back to the empty guest bed.

Round 3: A few hours later the daughter has an accident in bed and the dad helps her get cleaned up and is too tired to remake the bed so he strips it and pulls out her trundle to sleep on. He makes it back to the guest bed.

Round 4: The wife wakes up and misses her husband so she crawls in the guest bed with him.

GAME OVER!!! And this one was only completed in 4 rounds!! (And somehow that tiny baby got the King size bed all to herself….again!)

For a more challenging game you can see if you can all switch beds in the night, but then end up back in your original locations before the morning. This has never been accomplished in my house but we will continue to try this challenging twist!

Disclaimer: Never leave your tiny baby near things they can suffocate on. Don’t leave mobile babies on a bed they can roll off of. I am guilty of all of these things, but I will still add it as a game disclaimer!

What do the game rounds look like in your house?


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  1. You forgot the option of a sick baby who wants to sleep upright, requiring mom or dad to sit in the recliner with baby, where your legs fall asleep after 2 hours. And my family has an additional player with 2 older kids plus a baby, which sometimes results in both kids in bed with dad, mom in the guest room because she got squished out. Add in the additional twist of parents’ bedroom being on a different floor than the kids, and you don’t even want to know how many flights of stairs I climb half-asleep at night.


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