Move Over, Nicholas Sparks. This is THE Love Story.


For years now, my fellow bloggerinas have asked me to write about mine and my husband’s “story”. I’ve been hesitant to, simply because I don’t really think anyone cares that much about how some rando’s on the internet found love, but after much convincing, I decided to tell “The Story”. 

My mom (Norma) and my mother-in-law (Dee Ann) were besties growing up. Their backyards actually touched and most days one of them would hop the fence to hang out at the other’s house. They were actually each other’s maids-of-honor! (Aren’t they beautiful?!)

My mom had my oldest sister and my mother-in-law had my brother-in-law. My mom had my next sister and then me, followed by Dee Ann giving birth to my future husband. We lived just a few blocks away from each other and went to the same school. This is us in pre-K: 

See that buzz-cut boy awkwardly holding up a blue umbrella? One day he’s going to be snoring loudly next to the grinning girl in the pink jacket and black shorts (ah, 80’s fashion.) 

Bryan’s family eventually moved to Moore and our families saw each other about once a year or so, and then it moved to seeing each other at our parents’ high school reunions. Soon after I graduated high school, I got engaged to another guy. Without giving too many details, it was NOT a great relationship. It took me a while to realize that there was some serious manipulation and emotional abuse happening. When I called off the engagement, I did some soul-searching. 

It led me to start a young professionals Bible study group at a local church. My mom had shared the invite via Facebook and who saw it? Dee Ann, my mom’s long-lost bestie. She told Bryan who – unbeknownst to me – planned on going with the sole purpose of asking me out. 

Because (also unknown to me) Bryan had been wanting to go out with me for a while. My mom sends out Christmas cards every year and one year, my mom sent one to Dee Ann who hung it on her fridge. Apparently, Bryan had asked his mom to call my mom to set up a “blind date” of sorts. That never came to fruition. 

I’ll never forget when Bryan walked into the Bible study. You know how when Carlisle Cullen walking into his first scene in Twilight and all the women in the theater collectively gasped? It was like that. 

WOW, I thought to myself. Bryan grew up niiiiice.

We started talking and eventually exchanged phone numbers. We soon went out on our first date and quickly became exclusive. Then, after a year of dating, he popped the question! It wasn’t until we were dating that Bryan actually told me he had prayed years ago, “God, I don’t have to start dating my future wife now. But will You please, please just let me SEE her?”

The next day, he saw me at Bath and Body Works (where I was working seasonally) with my engagement ring. Now, ten years and three kids later, I can’t imagine my life without the boy from pre-school. We are oh-so-grateful for God’s handiwork in getting us together and the blessings we’ve received. Here’s to many, many more!


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