Don’t Skip Your December Birthday!




To the moms who share their birthday with the holidays, this is for you. Why? Well because I know growing up pre-social media it was even harder than it is now to have the birthday you wanted as a kid. I’m not saying your parents didn’t go out of their way to make your birthday still feel special. What I am saying is over holiday break it was harder to stay in touch with your friends to invite them to anything. Or the skating rink may not have been open on Christmas Eve. Or maybe you had birthday candles slapped onto a dessert on the Thanksgiving buffet instead of the cake you wanted. 

I also know now that you are grown up it can be hard to squeeze something else in this time of year. My husband’s birthday is always around Thanksgiving and mine is at the beginning of January  With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it’s easy to let your own birthday go by the way side. But YOU are running around like a crazy person making this time of year freakin’ magical and as perfect as possible for everyone you love.  YOU DESERVE YOUR DAY TOO. 

I get it. You are busy. I’m even guilty of combining birthday and holiday celebrations. My dad’s birthday is on December 13th, and we usually have a joint Christmas/Birthday celebration with him. In my partial defense, he gets a birthday AND Christmas present. Because as you already know, if your birthday is close to the holidays you can totally get jipped in the present department. 

The beautiful and ironic thing of it is, what I hear most moms usually wanting is not materialistic or hard. While homemade gifts are nice and we love them, that’s not really what I’m talking about. The things I hear moms want are things that can easily be done in conjunction with a busy holiday schedule and a tight holiday budget. Things like:

  • A for real, legit foot or shoulder rub that lasts more than 30 seconds
  • A long and uninterrupted bath or shower. No fingers under the crack in the door is a bonus.
  • To read a grown up book
  • To watch a movie that is not animated
  • To finish her coffee while it is hot
  • Have her favorite meal
  • Have any meal that she does not have to make, serve, or clean up
  • Any household work taken care of
  • Any household work taken care of that is actually taken care of well
  • To eat something indulgent and not have to share it
  • To sleep until she wakes up on her own, no alarm or kid or husband or emergency wake up calls

I mean really if 2-4 of ANY of these things happened on the same day, that would be a great birthday for me. Or if you do want a big present and/or party, that’s okay too. Let it be known! Do it or tell your sister, mom, best friend, or whoever you know will make sure it happens. 

My point is that I know you are busy, tired, and your birthday happens to fall during the holidays. There are still ways to celebrate, and you should. Again, YOU DESERVE YOUR DAY TOO. Happy birthday, Mama!


  1. This is a great reminder! We do get caught up in the holidays and many times end up squeezing too much ‘stuff’ in where it doesn’t belong. You are absolutely right, it’s the extra little and considerate things that can make or break a great birthday your human.
    I believe we have ten or eleven holiday timed birthdays, it is time to go the extra mile (or half mile if you that is all you can do lol)!
    Thanx Lacey!

  2. Oh I know! I was just looking at the calendar getting overwhelmed lol, but it’s not their fault they were born during the holiday season. We should all try to remember that and still make R.E.M. feel special and appreciated. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Lisa I like that my kiddos have summer birthdays for THAT exact reason. There’s not sooooo much happening then. Now when they are older they may feel different because of class parties and stuff, but for now I really love it. Thanks for reading!


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