Moms Need to Unplug and Reconnect


Moms need to unplug and reconnectAs I am sitting here thinking about what to write about today, I’m by myself at a local restaurant waiting on my to-go order. I am looking around and see other adults on their phones. They aren’t talking on them, but are scrolling through or typing on them. It occurs to me that we are all really plugged in through our electronics and media devices. I will fully admit that I am usually one of those people scrolling through social media and checking e-mail on my phone. I can’t imagine life without my smart phone and I swore that I’d never me “that” person. But now I am, and I long for a time where I can escape my phone. Do you ever feel that way? Let’s vow to unplug more and have an actual conversation with another person and not just a tweet, an IM, or a text.

Moms need to unplug and reconnect - Ways to put down the phone and reconnect with people

As a mom, I am always saying that my children need to unplug from their electronics. But I rarely give a second thought to how much time I send on electronics or on the computer. Have you ever sat down to think about how much time you are actually spending online or plugging on with an electronic device? Between reading about what everyone else is doing on Facebook, pinning what I’d like to make for dinner or that craft I just have to make, writing articles for my blog, and responding to emails, I could easily spend several hours a day online. During all that time, I may be caught up with what everyone else is doing via social media, but I can go weeks without actually talking to or seeing friends. That’s the real shame and I know that I’m not alone. I often hear other moms talk about how they don’t have time for themselves or things they’d like to do with others.

Moms need to unplug and reconnect - Ways to put down the phone and reconnect with people

In an effort to reconnect with others, here are a few things we can do to unplug and get out there again:

  1. Reach out and touch someone with a phone call. Just like our grandparents did, they’d reach out and keep in touch via phone. There is something that lifts your spirits when you hear a friend’s voice, even if it’s just on voice mail.
  2. Schedule a meet up with a friend over coffee or lunch. As a mom, things can and do get hectic, but we all have to eat. So plan time to catch up over a meal or a cup of java. Then turn your phones on silent and keep them in your bag.
  3. Get the girls together and have a Girls’ Night Out. Leave the kids with the spouse, phones in the car, go out, and have some fun.
  4. When you are out in public, instead of turning to your phone to pass the time, strike up a conversation with a stranger. When you’re at the park, talk to the mom next to you. Talking with someone else can actually make you happier. Who doesn’t want to be happier?
  5. Just turn off the electronics and do something fun. The world will not end when you aren’t connected and plugged in. You can take this time to try something new or something you haven’t done in a while. This may actually give you a reason to share via social media later.

These are just a few of the ways to unplug and reconnect with friends and family.

How do you reconnect with others?



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