A Moms Letter to Santa


A Moms Letter to SantaDear Santa Claus,

I know –  I haven’t written you in nearly two decades but seriously, can you help a mama out? After all, I’ve changed approximately 3,000 diapers this year, potty trained 2 kids, gave up the last piece of bacon, kept my sanity (mostly), opened 5 bananas for my little dude before finding the perfect one without any “yucky” spots, bought 6 of the same toy to avoid any toy MIA meltdowns, and dirtied a sink full of pink bowls before finding THE pink bowl at snack time. The list goes on and on…but you already know that because we have not ONE but TWO little elves on shelves who keep you up to date! Surely I’m on the “Nice” List?

This year my wish list is quite bountiful, and with two toddlers at home the list is growing minute by minute!

First things first, all mama really wants is a silent night and a private trip to the bathroom – because who really needs to know that “mama go poo-poo”? Oh, and uninterrupted sex because – after all –  the pitter patter of tiny feet can sure be a deal breaker. And while you’re at it, an extra set of hands or even a clone, a maid, a chef or maybe both and a good ole’ lesson from Mary Poppins.

Now, once those are complete I’d also like to request frequent date nights, an occasional girls night out, a spa day, my car detailed, a gym membership with child care included, a housewife and an all expenses paid vacation.

Finally, if you’re feeling extra giving, a good quality camera, a stylish new wardrobe, wine and chocolate would be wonderful additions.

Thank you Santa for bringing so much joy to my children, I hope that you’re able to share some of your joy with me as well this year.


One Exhausted Mama

What’s on your wish list this year, mama?


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