A Mom’s Guide to Clever Non-Candy Trick or Treat Items


It seems like every time I turn around, someone is giving my child candy. For example, there was a day when she received candy as a reward in dance class, for being an exceptional helper in school, and also for just dropping by my aunt’s house.

Now I truly don’t mind a little candy in moderation, but there are definitely times of the year when it seems like candy is coming from all sides, for any and everything. 

The end of October is one of those times. 

Which is why, much to my daughter’s chagrin, we will never be that family in the neighborhood that gives out full-size candy bars for Halloween. By the evening of October 31st, we have usually already participated in school and church parties as well as at least one community fall festival. On October 31, we make time for a neighborhood block party and trick or treating. By the end of all that, my daughter’s candy collection is immense.

Even after my husband and I raid it for our favorites.

(Keeping it real, y ‘all.)

I’ve come to realize that I also don’t know if the costumed kids that come to our door on Halloween are facing allergies, gluten intolerance, diabetes or other food-related issues that could make candy a trigger for them. And honestly, I don’t need more chocolate temptation in front of my own self. 

So for the last several years, our family has provided a candy alternative at our house for trick or treaters. 

If you’re looking for ideas…you’re in luck! Several of our favorite non-candy items to give out to trick or treaters are compiled into categories in the graphic below.

Check it out and leave a comment of your own clever suggestions

(You know you’ve got some.)

And no matter how you celebrate this haunted holiday; we hope you have an extraordinary one.

Enjoy these non-candy trick or treat items!

non-candy trick or treat items




  1. As the mom of a severely nut-allergic kid, I am so thankful when someone has non-food treats! I raid the Target Dollar Spot clearance at the end of all the holiday seasons throughout the year and pick up lots of super cheap games, notepad, pencils, pencils, etc. to hand out. There is always a pretty large assortment of things that are not specifically holiday themed to choose from.


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