Moms Can Do It All…But We Shouldn’t Have To


This just in: The phrase “I’m exhausted,” is SO 2000.

Today, moms have leveled up to “I’m dying,” then we just chuckle and carry on with our chaos.

But it’s not funny.

And moms aren’t really laughing.

In fact, here’s a little secret…

We’re running on empty.

Our proverbial check engine light is on, but there’s no mechanic in sight.


In addition to bringing home the bacon, we’re cooking it, cleaning up the dishes on which it’s served, while holding a baby, talking on the phone with teachers, and silently doing mental gymnastics with the budget. 

I understand that not every mom falls into this category. However, it’s fair to say most do.

Of course, some will argue that we asked for this, right? We wanted equality.

Which is true.

That’s the point.

We want an evenly divided share in household responsibilities.

We want a partner to match our hustle.

We hope help will be equally allocated so we don’t have to nag or beg for it.

After all, shouldn’t we ALL be seeking out ways to contribute and buffer the weight of everyday burdens? 

Bath time, bills, homework, appointments, packing lunches, making costumes, sending cards, planning the party, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, remembering every little thing you could possibly think of is




So maybe moms can’t do it all, we just make it look that way.

Because we’ve not only mastered the art of being invisible, we’ve mastered the art of illusion…of positioning the smoke and mirrors just deceptively enough, that we trick even the most discerning eye into thinking we don’t need help.

But we do. Every parent does.

Maybe I came here to say just that: Help.

No, really. Help the moms in your life.

Queue up the coffee in the morning.

Take out the trash if needed.

Assist with oil changes.

Don’t come home and lock yourself in the bathroom for an hour. 

Most of all, be cognizant of the million little tasks creating the kaleidoscope of her day.

Either way, she’ll rise to the occasion.

For not even Chuck Norris could roundhouse kick his way through a mother’s armor and unyielding resolve to persist.


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