A Back-to-School Bucket List JUST for Moms


Bucket list

The school supplies are bought, the uniforms are clean, and there is a scent of sharpened pencils in the air. While I am always a bit bummed for the summer to end (seriously HOW does it go by so fast?!) I try to think positively on the things I might be able to accomplish as a stay-at-home mom now that my oldest daughter is off to first grade. Yes I still have an 18 month old at home, but somehow having 50% less kids makes getting anything done seem more manageable!! Here is my bucket list of things I imagine I will be able to do now that school is back in session…maybe it’s wishful thinking but a mom can dream can’t she?!

Establish a routine.

Summertime is all about sleeping in, adventures on a whim, staying up late, and vacations to and fro! While I revel in all of this carefree fun, I also admit I love a routine to my week. I like knowing what time we get up and go. I like having a calendar to set the days I’ll be at the gym, or women’s Bible study, or volunteer at school. I’m ready to bust out my planner and get to scheduling my life again!

Clean the forgotten house.

I was disgusted the other day when I saw how much dust had collected on top of our furniture. And I confess I might have found a teeny tiny spider living in a cobweb on our mantle the other day. Ew. I honestly couldn’t remember a time all summer that I had dusted. I don’t really regret it though because it meant that I was out having fun with my kids, but I can’t just let the house get over run by dog hair and dust. It’s time to buckle down and deep clean!

Purge the toys and the “klekshun.”

Somehow over the summer the hoard of teeny toys multiplies. Maybe it’s from fast food places, or prizes from birthday parties or dentist visits but I’m so over picking up those tiny bouncey balls or princess rings or plastic stretchy men that get played with for 5 seconds and then thrown behind the furniture. Also I don’t know about boys but I know girls keep a “klekshun” (collection for those whose 6 year olds pronounce it correctly) I’m sure this is due to Tinker Bell. There are rocks, feathers, and all sorts of trash in my daughter’s collection. I must wait until she is at school to dispose of much of it before bugs are attracted to whatever she is hoarding in there!

Go through our clothes.

The end of summer is the best time for me to see what the kids AND the adults have either outgrown, aren’t wearing, or have holes in them. It also happens to be a good time to restock on items we might need for upcoming seasons since so many clothes are on sale right about now (think swimsuits for next season, shoes, school uniform pants for winter…and back ups because they WILL get holes in them and you WON’T be able to find a pair in February) and shopping becomes magically easier without a kid in tow!

Meet a friend for lunch.

Just about the only time I saw my friends this summer was at a playdate. While we still get to catch up during those times it’s definitely a lot harder to have a serious conversation when the kids are interrupting because they’re hungry, or got a booboo, or are hungry, or can’t find their favorite toy, or are hungry AGAIN! I look forward to some one on one time to catch up with some of my gal pals!

See a movie alone.

And not just any movie. A movie that isn’t rated G!!! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Finding Dory and Zootopia but I also love movies that aren’t geared towards children and when the baby is at Mother’s Day Out, sometimes I like to get my own favorite drink or candy and sit in a dark theater with no one talking to me or sitting in my lap. Yep, if you see me at a matinee all by myself on a week day and think I’m lonely, please don’t come sit by me and think I need a friend, I promise I’m in my happy place already!

Yes I’m super sad the that summer fun had to end, but since it did I’m hopeful I can fill my time with some of these items on my list. You know when I’m not playing with my other kiddo! What about you? What are you looking forward to with school back in session?


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