Mommies Need Friends Too


As much fun as it is to watch Disney movies and play dress up with my kids, sometimes I need time with my friends too!

Mommies get to spend time together while babies play
Mommies get to spend time together while babies play.

It’s easy to push friendships to the backburner when everyday life gets in the way. When I first became a mom I thought it was selfish to spend time with my friends.  After six years of motherhood I still cherish every moment with my children, but I have also learned it’s important to nurture my friendships as well.  I have found play dates create a good balance in spending time with my children and interacting with other moms.  It’s important for my children to see me interact with friends, so they know what it means to have a friend and be a friend.

I believe that every friend that has been placed in my life over the years has come when I needed them the most.  In each season of my life, someone special has been there to help me along my journey.

During the course of motherhood, there are often times we need advice and encouragement along the way.  Who better knows the joys and struggles than another mommy?  Sometimes it’s a seasoned mom or someone who is traveling the same path.

Mommies need good friends too!
Mommies need good friends too!

Often times I have found myself asking other moms how to handle a situation when I felt like I just didn’t have it all together.  When trying to navigate through the various stages children go through, it’s nice to hear another mother say, “That phase will pass.”  It gives me hope and encouragement to know I am not alone in my journey.

I recently sought advice from another mom on how best to handle my four year old daughter who is particular on what type of clothing she wears.  It was a battle every morning and it was getting to where I used up all my negotiating skills.  The other mother gave me some alternative methods to try such as give my daughter options on what to wear, let her pick out her own clothes and be ok with it (that is a hard one for me!), decide together the night before instead of doing it in the morning.  All of these were simple solutions, but it was nice to talk it out with another mother who can understand and relate.

Having other moms and friends to talk to and laugh with has made the voyage of motherhood easier. Friends can be an outlet when we need them the most.  Here are some ways to nurture friendships with an already busy schedule:

  1. Mom’s Night Out – Sometimes it’s nice to spend some time with friends with uninterrupted conversations and eating a meal before it goes cold.
  2. Coffee run – When one of my friends need some mommy time, a mass text will go out asking who needs a coffee run. We usually all jump at the chance for a late night chat session with our friends. We meet after the kids are in bed so we are able to spend time with our children and still enjoy some mommy time.
  3. Shopping excursion – Sometimes a mom needs to let off steam by hitting the shops.  Grab another mom or women who could also use an excuse to spend a little money.
  4. Pound the Pavement – Often I find that exercising doesn’t get the priority that it should so it has been nice to grab some other moms, load the kids up on the bikes or wagons and go for a walk.  This allows moms to walk and talk while the kids get some exercise too.

Whatever stage of life we are in, it’s important to surround ourselves with friends who can be a source of encouragement and strength.  We may in turn be that source for someone else along the way.

What do you do to nurture your friendships?


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Angie and her husband, John, live in Edmond with their three little blessings: Addyson (6/2008), Haley (11/2009) and Paige (9/2012). Angie received her Bachelors in Marketing and her Masters in Management both from Oklahoma Christian University. As each child came along, Angie has adjusted her career to accommodate the active life of her daughters. She now works as a Marketing and Development Coordinator for Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care. When not working, she enjoys chauffeuring her kiddos around and watching the latest chick flick with her husband – much to his dismay. When time permits she enjoys a good pinterest project and reading a good novel.


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