Why Mom Acts Crazy…Once a Month


mom periodJust two weeks ago, I was a completely different person.  I can always tell when the “change” is about to happen.  Warning signs such as my back hurting, my boobs feeling heavy and tender and being super tired.  No, I wasn’t pregnant, in fact, it was just the opposite.

My period was coming.  See, my period isn’t thoughtful and sure doesn’t come when it’s convenient for me – like when I can lay in my bed 24/7 to ease off the cramps. It comes like a missile and I have to continue being a mom, going forward with all our daily activities and hoping I don’t kill everyone and everything in my path.

I’m not really sure when I turn into a crazy lady, but once I see the signs that my period has arrived, I start seeing red…everywhere.

All of a sudden, everything is annoying.  My husband chewing as he sits next to me on the couch, the fact that my son can’t put on his shoe without my help, my daughter wanting to eat lunch…seriously, WHY?!  Isn’t my body going through enough physical and emotional turmoil that I shouldn’t be required to deal with anyone or anything else?

Aunt Flo arrives and I just want to lay in my bed curled in a fetal position.  But instead, I walk around like a ticking time bomb, screaming and yelling at all.the.things and pray my children will forgive me by next week when I turn back into a sane person after all the hormones level out.

I must admit – there are days when all I can manage is to put on my yoga pants and flip on Curious George for my kids.  Not my best parenting day, but seriously about what I can manage.  Just the thought of making a lunch to hit the perfect picnic spot while the kids play wipes me clean out.  Not to mention the math of multiplying what feminine hygiene products I’ll need times the number of hours we’ll be out – with an extra just in case, making sure there is a nearby public bathroom (ew.) and lugging the gigantic bottle of Advil with me to cover any lurking cramps.

Hormones coursing through my body have me yelling and acting crazy more than I should. I’m in the moment of reacting to something and I literally can’t make myself stop.  It feels so very real and justified as to why it’s so annoying or frustrating.  Things that shouldn’t bother me do, and it’s hard to get a grasp on that.  It’s time to leave for the store and you aren’t in the car in less than 5 seconds?!  I can’t even.

All in all, our bodies are physically put through the ringer.  We function at top speed to keep up with our energetic little babes and hope that we both can get a nap time that day. I’m a little jealous of women who barely have a period or none at all.  Life for me gets put on halt for at least 3-5 days a month while I just want to put my head down and cry.  Over the smallest thing – like that commercial I just saw.

For one week, my husband knows that a psycho has replaced his wife, but if he just keeps his head down and tries to chew as softly as possible, we will all survive.

So, how do you cope during your time of the month?  Any tips or tricks on getting these hormones in check would be much appreciated!


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