Meet Kaley, Annette & Piper! {New Contributors}


We are so excited to bring to our team two new ladies to give us new perspectives in a new year!


Kaley is a full-time working mother of one with another child on the way. She stands 4’10” married to her 6’1″ husband, with a daughter set on the growth chart to outgrow her by age 7. She never was much of a girly girl, choosing as a child Taekwondo over ballet, Legos and Hot Wheels over Barbies, and, as an adult, choosing heavy weightlifting over Pilates or Yoga as her exercise-of-choice. After earning her English degree from Oklahoma Christian University, she began working full time at NextThought, an innovative education technology company where she still works today as a technical writer. While not working, she enjoys playing with her daughter, theology, literature, writing, blogging, exercising, experimental cooking (no recipe, just winging it by smell and taste!), tea (always loose leaf!), and getting to bed by 9pm (although that never happens). Follow Kaley‘s blog at  
1. What is the most random thing in your purse right now? For almost a year now I’ve carried around a tiny, thumbnail-size plastic baby in my purse from a baby shower game. Truthfully, I put it in my purse because it seemed like a bad omen just to throw it away. Then, I thought it was weird and quirky and decided to keep it there.
2. Who is your favorite TV mom? Definitely “Frankie” from The Middle.
3. Favorite thing to do with your children in Oklahoma City? My daughter really enjoys when we take her to the Oklahoma City Zoo. She loves the children’s zoo, the flamingos, and riding the “Choo Choo.”
4. What are you most passionate about outside of motherhood? Words — in writing, in literature, even in everyday conversations. Language fascinates me — how words influence culture fascinates me. Words are much more powerful than people give them credit for.


Annette White – Klososky is an Oklahoma native, originally from Hooker, OK, but now resides in Edmond, OK. She is an empty-nester and CEO of SurveySaurus, an online survey platform company and facilitator of the Executive Forums in OKC.    Annette is a sought-after consultant and executive coach in all facets of organizational culture and leadership development. She is known for helping organizations cut through the issues and learn to communicate effectively within teams. She is also known for making THE BEST gluten free chocolate chip cookies ever, being the best mom to her spoiled rotten dogs, cheering loudly and being a loyal OU fan, and also keeping Starbucks in business (she loves her trenta iced green teas).
1. What is the most random thing in your purse right now?
3D Glasses
2. Who is your favorite TV mom?
Meredith Vieira
3. Favorite thing to do with your children in Oklahoma City?
Go to either a new boutique that has opened or we haven’t been to or eat at a new place!
4. What are you most passionate about outside of motherhood? 

My career – I love what I do and have never seen it as a J O B.  I have found a passion around developing people to be their absolute best!  And knowing how to give and receive feedback and assess perception.

We also wanted to take a minute to introduce you to our newest Director of Sales


Having grown up in small town Chickasha, OK, Piper is a born and bred “Fightin’ Chick” at heart. She came to Edmond for college at Oklahoma Christian University where she graduated with a Marketing degree and met her husband, Ryan. They have two babies, Kinsler and Ellie Kate. After working outside the home for the last 9 years, Piper decided to stay home with her two rugrats. When she’s not chasing after kids, she enjoys playing tennis, watching Gilmore Girls and trying new restaurants! 



Welcome to Oklahoma City Moms Blog, ladies!



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