I Just Don’t. Do. Mornings.


This mama doesn’t do mornings. And for the most part, I don’t have to. 

Imagine a day, as a mom of toddlers, where you wake up to find breakfast and coffee waiting for you on your bedside table just in time for the kids to start tip-toeing in with a resounding “Good morning!” Imagine a day where you get to sip your coffee, in relative peace, while your spouse changes the first diapers of the day and dresses your unruly brood.

Breakfast on the table? Check! Lunches made? Check! Don’t worry about it, mom, it’s taken care of.

If visions of Mother’s Day come to mind, you’re not alone. I have a confession to make, though:

This is my every day.

I married a “morning person”. The person who wakes before the sun, loves to be up and at ’em, and finds joy in starting the day bright and early. Gag me! I much prefer to ease into my day with a full cup of strong coffee, plenty of quiet – a rarity in my household of 5 – and some gentle nudging before doing all the things. Not my hubby! His zest for life is evident from the minute his feet hit the floor. Mine takes some prep work. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are mornings where I do put aside my moaning and get it together before I’d like to. But really, because he genuinely loves mornings, and because his schedule is ever-changing at night and on weekends, my husband lovingly does this precious thing almost daily. My children get quality time with their sweet father, and I get quality time to myself before jumping into the rhythm of the day.  

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I’m aware of the expectation on moms to do all the things.

Make the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Clean the bathrooms, bedrooms, and baseboards. Run the errands, carpool the kiddos, give baths and read bedtime stories… and be happy about it all! Let me just say, I am very happy to do all of those things! I wouldn’t want to do or be any other thing on earth… after a cup or two of coffee and with a little head start from the hubby. 

This mama just doesn’t do mornings.

And I’m so grateful to be in love with a man who does! He loves our family well by waking up before us to lighten the load of the day’s to-do list. We are a team, he and I, and each of us works within our strengths to make each day the best it can be. Mine just don’t come to me before 8 a.m. And I’m okay with that. 

So, thank you, dearest husband of mine! Thank you for making mornings a treasure in our house. Not because everyone wakes up chipper, but because you do. It makes all the difference to us.


Your adoring family

Especially your wife, who wants to sleep just a little longer.


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