I Love LuLa Yes I Do {4 LuLaRoe Myths Busted}

My not-so crazy LLR finds

Full disclosure: I do not sell LuLaRoe. I’d be just about the worst sales person in the history of ever. Mostly because I’d probably end up keeping all the stuff for myself and that’s probably not a great way to make actual money. This post is also not sponsored by LuLaRoe.

By now, you’ve been invited to 753 LuLaRoe sales groups.  You’ve heard tales of buttery soft leggings. And you’ve probably seen top-knot sporting moms strolling through Target with a Starbucks drink in their hand and one of those wild prints on their shirts. 

I was skeptical at first, loud prints are not my jam (although this Florida-loving girl was sad to miss out on a pair of pelican leggings – don’t judge) and I didn’t understand what the fuss was. I also work full time so a wardrobe of leggings & tunics just isn’t practical for my every day life, and I thought LuLaRoe wasn’t for me. 

I. Was. Wrong. As more of my friends began selling those “buttery soft” leggings I looked further into their inventories in an effort to support their new businesses. It was like I was on Mythbusters: LuLaRoe Edition. And most of the things I believed about why I didn’t need, or couldn’t wear, the clothes were indeed proven wrong.

LuLaRoe Myths, Busted:

1. They’re Fancy Pajamas for Stay at Home Moms

I’d be lying if I said I’ve never slept in a pair of their leggings – they really are THAT soft – but if you look past that one article of clothing, most of the clothes are perfectly normal every day wear. I have several pencil skirts (to include basic black) that I wear to my very corporate job. I wore one of their dresses recently to a wedding shower, and I’m often throwing on one of their t-shirts for a Saturday with my family. 

2. They’re Oversized and Baggy

Only if you want them to be (see above re: pencil skirts). They also have a dress that is pretty darn form fitting (and adorable for showing off a baby bump!) Do they have some more “forgiving” options? You betcha. And my post-baby bod is grateful!

3. They Only Have Crazy Patterns

Psst – almost every piece of their clothing that I own is a solid. I KNOW RIGHT. It’s a thing. All those pencil skirts? Solids. My dresses? All solid, some with a slight (on trend!) floral pattern.  Do they have some patterns that make me raise an eyebrow? YES. Not all of us are cut out for stork leggings, but some are and I tip my hat to those ladies that can rock them. 

4. Everyone’s Wearing It. It’s All The Same. 

My coworker came in the other day in the cutest dress and I immediately asked her where it was from. “Kelly, this is LuLaRoe.” DUH. Ya’ll. Even within the same style of dress there is such a variety of patterns and textures and colors that I didn’t even realize that what she had on was the same style as a few of the dresses I have hanging in my closet. 

Again, I want to mention that I don’t sell these clothes, LuLaRoe isn’t affiliated with this post in any way. I just like the apparel, and have enjoyed getting to support the women in our community that sell them…especially if they have pelican leggings in stock!

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Kelly is a working momma to her daughter, Genevieve (2014) and son, J.W. (2016). She’s an Edmond native, but left the state to get a degree in journalism from Texas Christian University (Go Frogs!) and work in Dallas for a few years. She moved back “home” to Oklahoma after meeting her husband and is now so thrilled to be raising her children right where she grew up! When she’s not working or playing with her kiddos, she’s making note of some of motherhood’s (mis)adventures and celebrating mediocrity on her blog –The OK Momma.


  1. Thank u so very much for this! My daughter in law sells LuLaRoe! We both love how comfortable the clothes are! She has Chrinuc Lyme and has to have clothes that are not binding and feel great next to the skin. Her life has changed so drastically since she came down with this horrible disease! Tons of Dr visits, diet changes, many medicines, Port and IV’s, oxygen, wheelchair, Service Dog, had to quit college, always in pain and lost a lot of friends! My son has a full time job, plus takes care of her with the awesome help of her mother! Now she can help with the costly bills and prayfully get the treatments she needs, plus she is meeting and interacting with people again! Just to see the smiles on all these women’s faces as they shop will lift up ur spirit! Thank u LuLaRoe for doing so much for our daughter in law and for so many women whom love the way ur clothes make them feel!

    • Thank you for this blog! LLR really does have something for everyone! ( actually LOTS of Things!). If I get get in any pelican leggings or find any they will have YOUR name on them Kelly!

    • Brenda if you give me the name of your daughter I’m laws page I will support her as much as possible. Thanks

  2. Hi Kelly!! I love the article and have those pelicans for you! Send me your mailing address and they are yours! Thanks for supporting LuLaRoe! – LuLaRoeRebeccaWilliams

  3. I also love LuLaRoe I wear everything they sell and now I am buying for my husband the leggings are the best I have every seen I love all the dresses because they can be dressed up or dressed down and the joys are a must have but then again if u ask me everything LuLaRoe is a must have I should sell this stuff .

  4. Thank you for this! I do sell LuLaRoe because I love it too! I would gladly send you a Cassie skirt in your size. Please send me an email with your size and shipping info.

  5. To all offering clothes – thank you! That is incredibly kind and thoughtful. I’m happily your customer but just not in need of any “freebies” of that nature. I’d love it if you’d donate the clothes you were considering sending to me to a local women’s shelter. THOSE are some mommas who deserve some comfy leggings in their lives!

  6. 3. They Only Have Crazy Patterns

    Psst – almost every piece of their clothing that I own is a solid. I KNOW RIGHT. It’s a thing. All those pencil skirts? Solids. My dresses? All solid, some with a slight (on trend!) floral pattern. Do they have some patterns that make me raise an eyebrow? YES. Not all of us are cut out for stork leggings, but some are and I tip my hat to those ladies that can rock them.

    I am a 64 year old almost Grandma….and I am wearing pink and blue stork leggings right now! Love them!

  7. 3. They Only Have Crazy Patterns

    I am a 64 year old almost Grandma….and I am wearing pink and blue stork leggings right now! Love them!

  8. I think LuLaRue is a great clothing line all the different colors and sizes it makes you feel comfortable before I wore jogging pants and t shirts which was ok but LuLaRue is just as comfortable but makes you feel more classy like if you have to go out you don’t have to change clothes because they are good for staying in or going out. I love them and I’m thinking about becoming a consultant still trying to decide

    • Charlotte, I have been a consultant for 5 months now and it has been life changing for me! I’d love to talk to you about my journey and answer any questions you have. It’s honestly the best thing i have ever done for myself. I love not only the clothes but I love the company and the culture that surrounds it. My group is http://www.facebook.com/groups/LularoeVictoriaRoot Please join and message me so we can chat!

    • Charlotte,
      Be very very careful when choosing a sponsor! Your sponsor may promise you the world but talk to lots of people and find out who can offer you the most to help you build your business and help you through getting started etc because your sponsor is truly your lifeline in this business. If you would like to chat more about what I mean by this feel free to email me at [email protected]

  9. Thank you so much for busting those myths!! This is what I have to tell everyone!

    LuLaRoe Alessandra Kimpton

  10. I’m a 68 year old great grandma who is a size 3x and I wear LuLaRoe leggings, Carly’s, Irmas, perfects and classics. I just cleaned out my locker to make room for my wonderful finds! Thank you LuLaRoe!!!!

  11. In a world of so much negativity, thank you so much for this. I would like to donate something as well. Do you have somewhere in mind that you would like it to go? Lularoe connie thomas.

  12. Thank you for this. It’s articles like this that remind me why I love wearing and selling LuLaRoe!
    Everything you said is really true! Kelly is smart. Kelly loves LuLaRoe. Kelly buys LuLaRoe….Be like Kelly,

  13. I do have a problem that I don’t know how to remedy.
    I currently have 3-4 pairs of leggings that do not fit. They are either shorter then the rest that I have or from waist to crotch are shorter. More often than not.
    I also have a couple is Irma’s that were ordered as 3xl and I got 2xl. I hate having to go to all the trouble to send them back to the representative because it is hard to replace them if I bought them to match another price.

    HAVE MANY PIECES. Just frustrated.

  14. If you are having ANY issues with your LuLaRoe clothing please contact me on FB at LuLaRoe Jess Daniels. I adore being part of this company that has allowed me to be at home with my kids and serve women to make them feel beautiful, unique and comfortable in their skin regardless of their size, age and demographic! It’s a culture that I live by and share everyday. Thank you so much for this blog and giving light to a few myths! Much love ❤️ Jess

  15. LLR is a shady, immoral company who screws both it’s consultants and customers. To BE a successful consultant you have to look past that. Hence, I cannot support them, their consultants, or their products. Everybody who “loves” LLR needs to dig a bit deeper and find the REAL stories out there…

    • Shady? Immoral? Screws both it’s retailers and customers? I can truly say just the opposite! We buy wholesale and sell retail, as often and as much as we want. What could be more simple than that? dug deep before becoming a retailer. I’m very sorry if you were treated poorly by someone but I have been extraordinarily happy since becoming a customer 2 years ago and a retailer 9 mos ago. I have many happy, satisfied, loyal customers. I love my “job”and the freedom it affords me to visit my granddaughters anytime I want to. I’m so very thankful to this company and this opportunity! Again, it’s too bad you had a negative experience!

  16. Great article. Never though a 66 year old woman would wear LuLaRoe, and now with 60 + pieces of LLR, I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to this amazing comfortable line of clothing! ! Plus I own a pair of Pelican leggings that I won’t part with!

  17. My washer broke couple of months back.So I went to the laundromat.My friend told me she often left her laundry and went to paint next door.Long story short,someone stole my clothes.I caught them with some,got them back,started rewashing,but they had already gotten the other dryer unpacked into their car.I saw two of my towels still spinning with dark clothes and was fooled.Idiots stuck around until confronted and ran off!!They took my leggings,my favorite yoga pants,jeans shirt,my husband Blizzard 20th year edition hoodie and much more. I cried and asked on fb if anyone had the items I lost for sale(my unicorns).
    WELL let me tell you,one consultant told others that someone stole my clothes ,and for 9 days stuff kept coming,for FREE,beautiful items from mostly strangers.I was able to get two other ladies blessed also.I never asked handouts,just wanted to rebuy.And this is why I keep buying lularoe,because of the people who sell it,not so much because of the comfort or patterns.

    • Love this Desiree! This example shows the culture that LLR breathes from the owner and down throughout the company! This made me tear up and makes me so proud to be part of such an amazing company. It isn’t just a business. It is a way of thinking, a way of gifting, a way of lifting spirits, a way of living. 🙂

  18. I’m surprised that no one has brought up the fact that it is unaffordable to most “under-average” wage earners. $25 for a pair of leggins, $20-$40 or more for a shirt, skirt, or even a dress is not realistic for the average lower income households. Sure I would like to support friends, but I just can’t afford it. Sure it is supporting their families, but I’ve got to support mine too, which requires sacrifice on my part. I would never host a pop-up (to get free items for me) either cause I feel for my other friends like me and I don’t want to solicit my friends something in which they would feel bad for not affording it.
    We usually shop at the thrift store and on occasion when we can afford it, we might throw down $5 on a pair of walmart leggins that are just as colorful and buttery soft as lularoe.

  19. No Pelican’s in stock but I have some toucans! LOL Thank you so much for this positive post! Us moms working out tales off to provide women with some fabulous attire really appreciate it!!!


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