A Love Letter to Bedtime


Dear Bedtime,

You are the best time. I know not every mom loves you, as I do. But, right now, you are so good to me. Oh bedtime, how I love thee. Let me count the ways:

1) Bathtime

As the toddler-rejected veggies sit hardening on the booster seat, the sound of running water turns my whole mood around. I LOVE BATHTIME. My babies get baths every night. I know it’s probably not necessary but my kiddos really enjoy it. My son can splash in there for 30 straight minutes ridding himself of the last of his toddler energy. There is no scent in the world as intoxicating as sniffing a clean baby. Regardless of the type of day we have had, a good smelling babe in footie pajamas is the medicine for any ailment.

2) Routine

I’m a sucker for routine. I would love to be one of those spontaneous moms but it’s just not me. In fact much of my oldest’s newborn period was spent in tears because I couldn’t create the perfect schedule. But then I found routine. It was like a light shone down through the clouds. Not perfection, just a predictable order to things. The easiest way to implement that for me was bedtime. I am home by myself with the kiddos roughly 50% of bedtimes so I needed a plan. I am no expert, but I think our routine has been the main reason bedtime is relatively stress free in our house.

3) Reading

A good book is everything. Even though I question some of the board books on our shelves…like is a plot so hard? There are some super awesome kid reads out there. Can I get an “Amen” for Llama Llama’s no drama mama?? I really enjoy a good bedtime book with both kiddos. Sometimes it’s a picturesque moment of us all piled in the rocker. Often it’s a mess of breastfeeding, antsy toddler, and skipped pages. I still love it all the same.

4) Good night kiss

My son blows me about 40 kisses from his crib when I lay him down and they just melt my heart. My daughter still goes down half comatose in a state of milk drunkenness, so I do most of the good night kissing there. Those last moments of each day are always different, yet always sweet. Some days it’s a prayer of thanks for making it through a tough day of motherhood. Others I am sad to think how fleeting childhood is.

5) Momma Time

Once the babes are in their beds, momma time can commence. This also looks quite different from day to day. Anything from mindless social media time to folding laundry to episodes of Friends I’ve seen twelve times. When my husband is home we get to share a few hours together after the children’s 8 p.m. curtain call. I find these few hours are really the most rejuvenating for me. Maybe I am selfish, but I need a little unwind time at the end of the day. Especially on those long, touched-out kind of days.

Thanks for being so good to me, bedtime!



Someday they won’t need blankies and cuddles to settle in for the night, but for now I really enjoy our ritual of little faces drifting off to sleep. What does bedtime look like in your house?

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