“LOVE” my kids artwork



I enjoy doing art projects with my kids. Sometimes. It’s not always fun cleaning up afterwards but the “during” part is usually a blast.

If I come across a kid friendly art project, I’m usually willing to try it. Bonus if I can make the transition from art project to bathtub super easy!

This Valentine’s Day wall art is super fun, easy and can also double as a cute gift for grandparents.

For this project you will need:

  • Canvas – I used square canvases but any size will do
  • Painters tape
  • Craft paint

First, if you have young kids like me, you’ll want to prepare the canvases ahead of time so they’re ready to go when the paint comes out. To do this, I wrote out the word LOVE with painters tape using a heart where the “O” would go. Make sure that your tape is pressed down really well so that the paint doesn’t bleed.


Second, lay some plastic across your table and on the floor under the kid’s chairs. I always assume that art projects will be messy and prepare accordingly.


Third, strip your kids down to their diapers. Obviously older kids can skip this step!

Fourth, squirt one or two colors of paint out onto the canvas and let your kids go wild!

I have a messy kid and clean kid. The messy kid ended up finger painting and got it all over herself as well as the canvas.


The clean kid used a paint brush.


Both of them ended up with beautiful paintings!!

Fifth, set the completed canvases aside to dry for a bit. The trick with painters tape is to peel it off before the paint is dry. So don’t let the paint dry for too long.

Sixth, transfer kids directly into bathtub for cleanup.


Once dry, I took a sharpie and outlined the letters a bit just to make them stand out some more. Then I added my kids names and the date in the corner.


How cute did these turn out? We gave one painting to each set of grandparents. I wish I would have kept one for myself but I guess we’ll just have to do this project again!


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